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Selecting the Right Popcorn Buckets

November 30th, 2010

popcorn-bucket.jpgPopcorn buckets can give you that sense of sitting at the big game or at a movie from the comfort of your own home. Before purchasing them though there are a few minor things to take into consideration.

If you are hosting a large group you may want to consider a disposable style bucket such as paper or cardboard. While these can be a bit pricier, in the long run it will save you a lot of grief. After all, who really wants to stand around and wash popcorn containers after the big game? Doing this can also give you the feeling of actually being there. These disposable buckets come in the forms of traditional bags or boxes similar to the movie theater style so take the time to decide what you need. They can also be picked up at most restaurant supply stores or from wholesalers like Costco.

The next option is the reusable popcorn bucket. These are normally made out of plastic and can be put through the dishwasher. While not quite as nostalgic as the disposable buckets, they can have a lot more life since they can be decorated in a variety of ways.

Another option for your bucket is just an old-fashioned popcorn bowl if it is just you and a few family members settling in to watch a movie. This method may not seem terribly exciting but will probably be less expensive.

A very important side note when deciding on your popcorn bucket is how much butter you are going to use. There is nothing like the taste of freshly popped buttered popcorn, but if you are using the traditional boxes there is a chance they will not hold up. Even though the family pet or toddler would enjoy the sudden treasure from above, the people who eventually need to clean the house may get a bit ornery, especially if they were not there to enjoy the festivities. So take the time to make sure you have the right container for the job.

No matter what kind of popcorn bucket you decide on, fresh popcorn always will taste good. The fancier you go the more fun you will have if it is just an entertainment night, but if you want the true movie theater experience in front of that new 60-inch television you purchased then the good old-fashioned cardboard containers will do wonders for you. So fire up the popcorn and start the butter melting for popcorn that makes every night fun.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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