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Should You Try Caramel Hair Color?

December 2nd, 2010

caramel-hair-color.jpgCaramel hair color, not to be confused with those tasty little candies we use to cover apples, can make the wearer look like one of the most exotic people you will ever see. Used by both celebrities and common folk alike, it can be used to give you a glamorous look.

Similar in appearance to the aforementioned candy, this color of hair mixes a lovely blend of brown and blonde together to give you a rich delicious texture. With the right body of hair this blend can make your head and hair come alive. With the right physique it can also make the whole body come alive and make a “plain Jane” look more like a superstar.

For those who still cannot quite picture what caramel hair color looks like, two examples are Miley Cyrus and the new style of Hillary Duff. With the appearance of a flawless complexion these two lovely young ladies became even more stunning when they switched over to caramel. Many people who have watched television have seen both of these ladies as blondes or brunettes. While both ways look great on these two, the mixture makes them stunning.

You may be pondering the question of whether caramel hair color is right for you. The best way to answer that is to remember the old adage, “You don’t have to be a superstar to look like a superstar.” Because it blends two of the most popular hair colors, you can usually fashion a setup to fit any body style. Of course you will not automatically turn into the next Hillary Duff just because you put caramel coloring into your hair, but it can take you from being just a face in the crowd to someone that is noticed.

As with any hair coloring, make sure you take the time to do your homework. Just because a box of coloring is on sale does not mean you need to buy it. Check to see how long it will be in your hair, and find out about the most effective methods for removal if you do not like it. It would really disappoint you if you put caramel coloring in your hair in anticipation of a future date only to have it fade or wash out the day of the date.

Ultimately whether or not this color is for you will come down to personal preference. If you really feel like a million dollars with a different hair color you might as well go for it. Whether it will actually improve your future prospects is hard to say, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try.

This article on caramel hair color was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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