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Getting a Good Coffee in London

December 9th, 2010

monmouth-coffee-london.JPGLondon doesn’t have the same espresso-fuelled reputation of Paris or Rome, but it’s still a city full of coffee lovers with a vast array of options for getting your caffeine fix.

There are a number of big chains that can be found throughout the city. International coffee giant Starbucks has, predictably, a massive number of locations across London. There are also less internationally famous brands that serve up quality coffee all around the city, with the most popular being Caffé Nero, Costa Coffee, and Coffee Republic. Within Central London, you’re never more than five minutes walk away from one of them!

The Whetherspoons chain is primarily known for being one of the few places in London that you can get an alcoholic drink at a reasonable price, but they’re also a great option for coffee lovers. Whetherspoons have locations all throughout the city, but the best place to relax with a hot drink has to be the Camden branch. Situated just off Camden Street with outside seating nestled up right next to the canal that runs through Camden, this is a great location to grab a coffee. If you’re looking for an early morning energy fix, Whetherspoons do a breakfast time offer where you can pick up a coffee for less than a pound — an absolute bargain compared to most other coffee chains.

London also boasts a number of more interesting options if you’re looking for somewhere a little more unique to enjoy a coffee. Opposite Tufnell Park tube station in North London is a writer’s café. North London is off the beaten trail for most tourists, but this area, popular amongst young professionals, offers a great glimpse of real London life beyond Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. This writer’s café is a unique place where you’ll probably see the great and good of London’s media scene working on projects as they top up their creative juices with some quality coffee.

Holloway Road, a long strip running through North London, has a number of independent cafes with outside seating areas that make for a great place to relax and do some people watching. Holloway Road has its own tube station and is another place where you’ll see a side of London most tourists never experience.

Brick Lane is an area renowned for fashion, the arts scene, nightlife and international cuisine, but during the day it’s also a great place to pick up a cup of coffee. There are a number of quality outlets along Brick Lane, with many focusing on organic and fair trade coffees.

But the best place in London to pick up a coffee is undoubtedly Monmouth Coffee. Located at the edge of Borough Market, which is most easily accessed from London Bridge tube station, Monmouth Coffee usually has a long queue snaking towards its doors all day long. The reason for this becomes obvious once you get inside. They have a huge range of international coffees, with many special blends available for a limited time only. This is the ultimate choice for hardcore coffee lovers and there’s enough variety available to please any palette.

This article was supplied by Christopher Williams, who holds a degree in English with Film Studies from King’s College London.

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