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Shopping Considerations for Paint Buckets

December 15th, 2010

paint-buckets-assorted-colors.jpgFor the most part, the only time anyone really thinks about the usefulness of paint buckets is when it is time to paint a room or the house. Have you really stopped to consider how many different types of paint buckets there are and the sizes they come in?

Depending on the size of the job one needs to take care of, this will determine the size of the bucket or how many buckets you will need. So what is the first step in determining this? A good starting point is to consider how big your room or house is, or more accurately, how much surface area you need to cover with paint.

Once you have figured out how large your project is and have a rough idea of how much paint you might need, the next step is to look for the paint aisle at your local home improvement center. The nice thing about this is that almost every store that has a hardware department will have a paint center. Once you have arrived talk to the associates and tell them what your needs are. They will guide you on what base coat to use. Just because you like a color does not mean the base coat will work for the job you are doing. Some people will worry about the color being the big factor. But no matter what size paint bucket you buy, they can mix the paint to the color you want.

After you have decided on what kind of base coat your paint bucket will hold, look at the prices. Though this may sound elementary most people do not take the time to do the kind of savvy comparative shopping that can save them money. You may have a specific brand in mind but look at what is more economical. For example, if a company has one gallon cans of your base coat priced at $15 each and you need four gallons for your project, but you see a five gallon paint bucket of the same base coat for $45, what is your best option? Taking the larger container may give you more than you need, but it is more cost effective and since paint does not spoil in the way that many foods do, you can always keep it until you find another application for it.

Paint buckets are one of those items you never think about until it is time to use one. With all of the neat colors that come inside of them and the different sizes, shopping for what comes in the bucket can turn into a truly exciting experience. So take the time figure how much paint you need and have fun.

This article on paint buckets was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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