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How to Get to the British Museum in London

December 18th, 2010

british-museum-london-uk.jpgThe British Museum is a popular London landmark that attracts crowds of visitors each year. It is located at Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG. How can you get to the British Museum?

London Underground (Tube) Access

The British Museum is easily accessible by tube. The closest underground station is located at Tottenham Court Road, which is just 300 meters away. Tube passengers can also access the British Museum from Holborn station, which is 500m away, or from Russell Square and Goodge Street, which are both 800m from the museum’s entrance in London.

Bus Access

If you are arriving by bus, there are a number of bus stops near the entrance to the British Museum. Bus services 10, 14, 24, 29, 73, 134, and 390 stop at New Oxford Street. There are also stops on Tottenham Court Road northbound, Gower Street southbound, for services 59, 68, X68, 91, 168, and 188 on Southampton Row.

Bicycle Access

If you live nearby, you can cycle to the British Museum, as there are bicycle racks conveniently located inside the Museum gates on Great Russell Street.

Arriving By Car

Visitors who are arriving by car should be aware that the British Museum is located within the Congestion Charging Zone, which means they will be charged to enter the area if they arrive during peak hours during normal business hours. There is limited parking in the area, which makes it difficult to find a convenient parking spot. The nearest car park to the British Museum is located at Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RJ.

Although arriving by car might seem like a convenient option, it is in fact advisable to find alternative means of getting to the British Museum so that you do not have to pay to enter the Congestion Charging Zone, or struggle to find a parking space once you are inside the Zone.

If you plan on visiting the British Museum, there are several different ways to get there. Some of the most convenient ways to get to the British Museum include London Underground (tube) access, bus access, or bicycle access. Arriving by car can be relatively costly, as the British Museum is located within the Congestion Charging Zone. Parking tends to be limited for visitors who arrive by car during peak hours, so you might consider scheduling your trip to this famous landmark during a period that is outside of the usual rush so that you can avoid the crowds and get a better parking spot.

This article was supplied by Sophie S. from Constant Content.

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