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Technivorm Coffee Maker Review

December 21st, 2010

technivorm-coffee-maker.jpgArriving in fairly flimsy packaging that gives little if any clue to its content, if you have ever found yourself in the situation of opening the box of a Technivorm Coffee Maker, you are not likely to be thrilled with enthusiasm, especially after having forked out a lot more than perhaps the conventional Bosch, Morphy Richards or Delonghi alternatives would have set you back. This certainly wouldn’t be the first box a buyer would be attracted to if browsing the shelves of an appliance store.

Never judge a book by its cover

The real magic starts to happen as it leaves the box and settles in its new home in your kitchen. All Technivorm Coffee Makers are handmade and individually tested, and there is something about seeing a shining, crisp label that says so which puts your mind at ease, allowing you to rest assured in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.

The Dutch have been making great coffee for many years and the professional yet almost retro appearance of their machines conjures up images of a busy cobbled street, the hustle and bustle of people passing by, and a couple sitting by the canal enjoying the afternoon sun with a cup of coffee. This is certainly the image I held as I fired up my Clubline Thermal for the first time.

Now the Dutch are great at making coffee, they’re also particularly great at making coffee machines to help you, but for some reason they lack a little finesse in instructing the rest of us on how to use their amazing machines to make their amazing coffee. So if you are thinking of buying, or have recently bought a Technivorm, don’t make your judgment on the quality based on a brew made according to the enclosed instructions.

Just the way you like it

Every coffee lover will have a particular method of brewing with fluctuations generally appearing in saturation time, optimal time after completion to drink the coffee, and the number of cups obtained from one brew. And if you don’t, well, you probably shouldn’t be spending the better part of $200 on a coffee maker!

Despite the professional look of such a machine as a Technivorm, and the way in which it works so seamlessly to brew to perfection, certain aspects of some models actually work against the end goal of the ideal brew. A metallic element in the carafe is an error which if not controlled could ruin every cup you make. Luckily many models don’t hold this odd design fault but for those that do, be sure to heat the water outside first. And when it comes to keeping the coffee, one round is all that should be used. After it has been sitting in there for more than an hour, you’ll be out of optimum coffee flavor and it is time to get another brew on the go.

This article on the Technivorm coffee maker was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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