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Natural Beauty: Remedies from the Pantry and Medicine Cabinet

December 24th, 2010

natural-beauty-products.jpgWhether you want to save money, maintain a healthier lifestyle or both, switching to common, homemade beauty products will help you. Often name brand beauty products are overly expensive and can contain harmful or unnecessary ingredients such as dyes, perfumes, and preservatives. Replacing the name brand products with your own common or homemade products can be a skin and budget saver. Focus on using things you already have in your house first, and add a few more inexpensive products to your natural beauty regimen to find what works best for you. Most common products, when used correctly, can be just as effective if not better than name brands. Some women will benefit from going “cold turkey” on the name brand products, while others may prefer to mix some common ones with some brand varieties. A certain amount of experimentation will be required to find your niche.

Beauty from the Medicine Cabinet

Organize what you already have by throwing out old products, whether name brand or common (anything a year old or more), and separating the remaining items into the two respective categories. Decide which name brand products you plan to keep using and which common ones you want to try. Make a list of common products you wish to try that you do not currently need to buy at the grocery store.

See the following list of common items that can be used in place of name brand items.

Petroleum Jelly = facial moisturizer

Spread a thin, even layer over your entire face and hands as a moisturizer. Replaces: name brand (NB) facial moisturizers, which contain added dyes and scents; available in jars and tubes.

Tea Tree Oil = shrinks and lightens blemishes

Dab on pimples, blemishes and skin discolorations. Replaces: NB topical acne medicines, which contain bleaching agents (i.e. hydrogen peroxide); available in solid sticks or liquid vials.

Baby/Mineral Oil = skin moisturizer

Rub a dime-sized amount over the entire body while in the shower or afterward (depending on the extent of moisturizing you want). Also, pour a small amount into a warm bath. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel (instead of rubbing) so the oil will be properly absorbed. Replaces: NB in-shower body lotions, which can be expensive.

Baby Powder = scalp de-moisturizer/re-freshener

Sprinkle a small amount on a hairbrush and run through hair closest to the scalp. Replaces: NB dry shampoos, which can be expensive and contain perfumes.

Witch Hazel = makeup remover/astringent

Pour small amount on a cotton pad or ball and rub over face. Replaces: NB facial astringents, which contain alcohol and dyes.

Beauty from the Pantry (and Refrigerator)

Find the items listed below in your kitchen and compare with their name brand equivalents.

Flour and Egg White Mixture = re-freshens skin, shrinks pores

Mix the whites from one raw egg with one cup of flour and spread the mixture over your face for ten minutes; rinse off with warm water. Replaces: NB facial mudpacks, which contain dyes and preservatives.

Cucumbers and Herbal Tea Bags = reduce redness and puffiness

Cut two quarter-inch slices of cucumber and place over the eyes for ten minutes to reduce puffiness. Steep two tea bags in boiling water for three minutes, let cool and place over eyes. Replaces: NB cream or gel under eye puffiness reducers, which contain drying and tightening agents.

Oatmeal and Cornstarch = aids for dry, itchy skin

Mix oatmeal with buttermilk and place the mixture in a sock or cheesecloth to use in a warm bath. Rub a pinch of cornstarch into itchy or slightly inflamed skin to soothe and heal. Replaces: NB anti-inching powders and lotions, which often have offensive odors.

Canola or Olive Oil = cuticle softener, fingernail moisturizer

Pour oil into a small, shallow bowl and soak fingernails for one minute. Rub oil into the nails, cuticles, and hands and rinse off with mild soap and warm water. Replaces: NB nail creams and oils, which can be expensive.

Vinegar = homemade douche

Mix white vinegar with two parts water and pour into a syringe or large medicine dropper. Replaces: NB douches, which can contain perfumes and preservatives.

Baking Soda = toothpaste and deodorant

Scoop a fourth of a teaspoon onto your toothbrush and brush teeth as usual. Dab and rub a finger-full into armpits. Replaces: NB toothpaste and antiperspirant deodorants, which contain dyes and aluminum, respectively.

This article on natural beauty remedies was supplied by Amanda Place from Constant Content.

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