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Shopping for Silver Printer Ink and Cartridges

December 30th, 2010

silver-printer-ink-cartridge.jpgSo you have just managed to agree on a finalized list, perhaps with the intention of sneaking the name of an undesirable guest off the roster when he’s not looking. You’ve decided not to hand write the invites (looks too cheap), but at the same time you don’t want to pay some rip-off merchant to make them for you. This journey of options has brought you to the middle ground of well produced invites which will have their names printed on, not with the usual smudging black stuff or tacky gold, but with a crisp silver to blend with the card design.

For something that is rarely used but assumed to be easily accessible, silver printer ink shopping is a challenge that doesn’t necessarily require the prowess of Gok Wan, but if approached without determination, patience, and resolve may result in a bunch of cards that look like something your 4-year-old niece made with her glitter glue set.

Matte or gloss?

As expected, both Canon and Epson offer very respectable types of ink and cartridges which range from a very light and matte finished ink which would sit best on an off-white background, to a more bold and shiny metallic finish. OKI also makes a very proud metallic silver ink but is found lacking at the softer end of the spectrum. One thing to consider may also be the Canon EP20S set which comes with their silver Selphy ink and a paper kit whose material is selected as optimum tone to match the silver ink atop.

More creative options (quite probably only by name rather than product) include OKI silver foil ink, quad black neutral grey ink for Epson, and even standard capacity light black ink. If you are of the same school of thought as me, I’m sure you’ll agree that generally if what it says on the tin seems pretty straightforward, then it will do exactly that. And if it is not, a little flouncy perhaps, chances are it does not really know what it wants to be or do and may even struggle to do anything close to what is generally expected of a product in its category.

Other uses for silver printer ink

Of course it is not just wedding invitations that require the use of silver printer ink. You also have things like engagement parties, silver wedding anniversaries, gold wedding…well perhaps not the latter. Despite the seemingly narrow minded recurring theme here, it is our advice that whilst current offerings on the market cater well for name printing and small text passages, larger amounts of ink on a page will get their best print finish if taken to a professional printer. Local office stores usually will be cheaper than a mass printer and will be able to deliver the same quality.

This article on silver printer ink was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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