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Espresso Table Considerations

January 1st, 2011

espresso-table-example.jpgIf you do not think there are any nominal differences in the various pieces of living room furniture used as a foot rests, junk storage units, or anything other than keeping coffee on, this article may not be able to enlighten you further. However, for general reading purposes, whether used for any of the above, regardless of the size or strength of coffee, we shall refer to them as espresso tables.

Size versus practicality

Before looking at the style, color, and price bracket of this essential addition to your living room, you need to establish how much room you have to play with. While most people will want to have a surface that will fit more than two mugs and a cookie plate, if navigating a route to the sofa requires ballerina-like finesse and precision, you’ve gone wrong somewhere. Although some may consider it a minor point, height matters too. Is this surface going to serve a dinner holding function as well? If so, you may want to think about how far down you need to reach and then move back without dropping that fork-full of food all over your lap.

Function over form

So you know how much space you have and what the espresso table will be used for — now is the time to pick the style. The wide range of retail stores and furniture manufacturers, who have more than adequate options, are too numerous to mention here. So in the spirit of diplomacy we’ll look at the two categories in general. Ordering from a supplier directly is going to get you a better quality product with even the potential for some bespoke alterations. The price tag will invariably reflect this but most of the time you really will get what you pay for. Be careful not to go overboard with decoration though; a glass center might look great in a modern setting but will cause a major mess if the mug lands a little too hard on the surface.

Buying espresso tables from department stores can be split into the flat-pack range and the more up-market hardwood/expensive metals options. I cannot stress this point too much, a flat pack may seem like an economical approach and practical, but if you’re not planning on moving every six months then investment in a more secure and sturdy alternative will stand the test of time (no pun intended). That being said, for the apartment dwellers amongst us, speaking as the brother of a furniture salesman (the very same brother also helps with delivery), for goodness sake make sure your stairwell turns can handle the dimensions of the table.

Bearing this in mind it is time to put the kettle on, fire up a few more search pages, and until you find the perfect match for the living room or at least put down your favorite beverage for a while, practice typing with one hand.

This article on espresso tables was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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