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Orange Rug Reviews

January 5th, 2011

orange-rug.jpgToday I was faced with another one of those humdrum, mediocre articles, this time on the topic of orange rugs. It is from one of Blizzerand’s earlier batches; fortunately, articles from this particular source have noticeably improved since this one was written. As it stands, it reads like one of those quasi-generic pieces where one could simply substitute a different color of rug or even a different object that might be placed in a room (like a piece of furniture for example) and still use essentially the same text. I was hoping that the author would include some information that might be a little more useful to readers, such as where to buy orange rugs or perhaps an overview of the different types or styles of orange rugs, but I guess this is one of those ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of moments. The original (unedited) text has been placed below the horizontal blue line.

Meanwhile, to satisfy curiosity about the topic I did a few searches just to see if orange rugs were available online. It turns out that they are not very difficult to find; a quick Amazon search returned over 5,000 results. From scanning the first couple of pages, it looks like there is a pretty wide price range depending on size. Most of the relatively large 5 by 8 foot or similar sizes are costing between $200 and $350, but you can find somewhat smaller orange bathroom or kitchen rugs for much less, usually around the $30 mark. I also noticed one rug that was a little different from the rest — a round rug in the style of a basketball (orange with black stripes) that is 39 inches in diameter and sells for between $36 and $40, depending on the particular seller you order from through Amazon. This might be a good choice if you’re buying for someone who likes basketball or has a room with a sports theme.

Moving along to eBay, we have a pretty good selection of over 700 results and some noticeably cheaper options. There are some orange large area rugs (approximately 6 by 8 feet) with various patterns being sold as “modern kids carpet” or “modern area rug” that only cost $76.95 (this is the “Buy It Now” price — you might be able to get it a few dollars cheaper if you are willing to bid and wait for the auction period to end). Also available are some nice looking large orange shag rugs that can be had for under $200 and are a solid color without any patterns or abstract art included. Most of these listings offer free shipping, which is a real plus considering how heavy some of these rugs are. Not all of the results are completely relevant; some of the rugs only have a little bit of orange in them but are primarily patterned rugs mostly consisting of other colors like burgundy, brown, or ivory, so you might need to take some time to sift through the listings and find the exact type of orange rug that you want.

Finally, a standard Internet search brings up a selection of pages from major sites such as Overstock.com and Ikea.com along with the seemingly ubiquitous Nextag listings. In addition to Ikea’s rugs, many people are also searching for “orange rug runner”, which apparently refers to a style of rug that is much more elongated than it is wide and seems designed to “run” along a pathway or walkway. A quick look at the sponsored ads and related searches reveals that well-known retailers J.C. Penney and Target offer a fair selection of orange rugs in several different types and styles, including outdoor patio, faux sheepskin, folkati, stripes, and several (partially orange) logos of various university sports teams.

Orange rugs will give any room a unique look that will draw attention to it. Choosing the right rug will decide if this attention is good or bad.

Orange is one of those colors that you have to match perfectly with the rest of the room or it will stand out like a sore thumb. So taking the time to coordinate your colors will help a lot. A room full of earth tones would work great with an orange rug in it; whereas a room with a lot of bright colors could look very gaudy, so take the time to match up your setting and décor.

Next take the time to measure the room out to make sure you have the right amount of carpeting. While this may sound a bit silly it can save you a lot of money. While you’re doing this decide on whether or not you are going to have the carpet professionally laid or if you are going to attempt to do it yourself. Most carpet stores now offer free instillation, but take the time to check the reviews to make sure the job is done right. You may consider hiring an outside provider to lay your new orange rug to make sure it is done right.

When deciding on your rugs pick a brand that has a good reputation for durability. This again can save you money in the long run. It is better to pay more in the beginning then to pay more numerous times over. There are some people that will buy a cheap rug just so they can have it in their homes, but in the long run this can cause a lot of heartache since their fine rug will fray and fall apart. So take the time to wait until it is within your budget to get the grade of carpeting you deserve.

Orange rugs are a very finely tuned niche that is not right for every ones taste and home. Unlike most colors orange does have to be perfectly matched to be able to fit into a room. Consulting an interior designer before making your purchase may be a smart idea. While it may cost you a small consultation fee this may save you from having a room that does not fit together. So take the time match your room and prepare to make your new rug and that room a focal point of your home.

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