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Waterproof Digital Camera Reviews

January 7th, 2011

digital-camera-underwater.jpgTop photography magazines and camera equipment retailers are very efficient in supplying regular reviews of new products to hit the market and equally put in the odd review which just takes an overview of the most popular products at the moment (whether new or not). For the majority of us who know very little about technical terms and functions of a digital camera this is invaluable information. The Internet has equally made this information even more up to date and accessible.

Dealing with Photographic Jargon

But this is not always the utopia of consumer information that we would like it to be. In reading down a standard format review which will break down certain elements and mark them out of a possible ten points, we’re introduced to the model’s ease of use, features, colors, and other attributes. So far no problem, but then as we get into macros, VFM, and build, I for one am getting more confused than I was at the beginning.

Waterproof digital cameras add an interesting element to the mix when they branch off into the field of functionality of electrical equipment underwater. We’re not just talking time underwater, but comparative pressure against depth and even salt density when considering picture settings. Cameras.co.uk can be a strong culprit for such confusion in offering simply a rating with no expansion. By contrast PhotographyReview.com takes a more interactive approach and publishes a guide instead of a review. The main differences are that functions are described in a setting giving examples, and there is even a blog with the article which encourages discussion on the articles as well as personal experiences.

Photography and Digital Camera Guides

Jessops takes a similar approach with products getting a star rating and then a rationale for the rating, both of which are featured alongside the technical specification descriptions of the products. The problem with this option is that the ability to look across the board at a number of products to make quick comparisons is not so straightforward. Magazines such as Practical Photography and Professional Photographer will use a hybrid version of the two with a matrix to compare certain features and then further commentary following but this will usually only focus on a selection of three or four cameras. They are yet to inherit this format for their websites.

Overall, product reviews should be delivering a clear view of the market options to compare with optional further detail on all models. They should keep jargon and technical terms to a minimum as the chances are that most people using the resources are not experts. This is particularly important for underwater digital camera reviews because of the two fields of expertise that are crossed over and thus the minefield of confusing terminology which can be easily hit but must be carefully avoided to keep information relevant, useful, and straightforward.

This article on waterproof digital camera reviews was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

2 Responses to “Waterproof Digital Camera Reviews”

  1. comment number 1 by: josh

    I owned a CANON D10 Waterproof Dig Cam 12.1MP. I LOVED the ability to take it in and out of water. The pictures were 90% clear, but lacked color intensity. The blue’s weren’t as blue and the greens weren’t as green. I used it for 9 months and the rubber seals leaked water in about 4 times and survived, before it finally died from water inside. then i repair it from Tech Expert. I took it into water weekly, usually snorkelling, and even took it under the crushing water of Iguazu Falls in Argentina (like Niagra). Even though it died, I’m 95% satisfied with the purchase and everything I put it through.

  2. comment number 2 by: Digital Camera Review

    I enjoyed using this product. As a beginner it was my 4 year old son who took some great pictures with it without any effort. The product is well balanced and worth the price tag. The optics are best quality as in any Canon camera and build quality is good. Thank you so much for sharing this blog :)

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