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Investing in Silver Art Bars

January 16th, 2011

Silver art bars are generally made of 99.99% pure silver (.999 fine) so as an investment option they are very secure but for many people that is not where the excitement lies. The Foster Company started the idea in the late 1960s by creating imprints of anything from sporting event memorabilia to oriental dragon designs on silver bars. Now collectors and investors can trade online very easily and the auction site Ebay.com has a large network of traders buying and selling all the time.

The fluctuating prices of silver allow profits to be made over short periods of time and if you’re willing to put in the time researching for buyers and sellers, a long term income can also be sustained. Although good money can be made in playing the markets with these pieces of art, many people collect purely for display purposes. And at the end of the metaphorical day it doesn’t hurt to have your retirement plan acting as a lounge ornament until its financial purpose is required.

What’s hot and what’s not

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Collectors tend to mix up their portfolio of silver art bars with plain silver bullion, coins, and gold bars as well. This is a good idea to ensure a collection is not controlled purely by one market price and if you do mix things up other collectors will be keener to trade regularly with you. When purchasing these art bars make sure you find out what is popular at the time and which genres are proving the most difficult to find. If you are not able to do this it will just mean having to hold onto the pieces for longer as you watch their price change.

There is no need to worry if you don’t feel you have a keen eye for the most artistic of pieces though. The bars are generally admired by both existing collectors and aficionados in other antique markets. The important thing that really matters is mintage. The finite number of bars in circulation means that regardless of design, as long as the quality of silver is there, there’s a potential profit margin in it.

Watch the markets

Whilst there’s no need to become an expert in international commodities pricing and patterns, before making any purchase it is well worth looking at price changes in the preceding few months. Getting an idea of the direction of the market at that moment as well as comparing it to that of its sister market, gold, will only add to any profit margin you eventually make.

This article on silver art bars was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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