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Information on the Ultimate New York Diet Plan

January 22nd, 2011

new-york-diet-plan.jpgOnce you’ve decided to lose weight, there are a myriad of weight loss programs from which to choose, one of which is the New York Diet. This diet, also known as the Ultimate New York Diet, was created by David Kirsch, a fitness trainer who worked with Extreme Makeover to create the diet plans for the show’s participants. Kirsch claims that this 3-phase, low-carb diet allows dieters to lose up to 14 pounds in 2 weeks. So what exactly does the plan entail and does it actually work?

The New York Diet – How It Works

This diet approaches weight loss through three phases, each of which involves slightly different nutritional allowances. The 1st and 2nd phases are 2 weeks in length, with the last phase meant to be followed indefinitely. In Phase 1, dieters must entirely avoid fruit and most fats, along with alcohol, bread and starchy carbs, dairy, coffee, and sweets. Instead, the 800-1000 daily calorie allowance is met through the consumption of chicken breast, egg whites, low-starch vegetables, salmon, mushrooms, and whey protein.

The last 2 phases gradually introduce the dieter to a more normal diet. The 2nd phase follows the same guidelines as Phase 1, but allows one extra carbohydrate serving each day. Calorie intake in this phase is slightly higher, in the 900-1000 calorie per day range. Phase 3 is considered the point at which dieters can maintain their weight loss and new healthy habits long-term, with some foods being introduced back into the diet.

Daily Diet Plan Sample

Breakfast: pumpkin protein pancakes
Snack: whey protein shake
Lunch: Tuna Cobb Salad
Snack: whey protein shake
Dinner: Chicken Kabobs

The New York Diet – Advantages and Disadvantages

This diet is likely to work for those who are able to follow the guidelines. However, it is very restrictive, both in calories and foods allowed. Quick weight loss is likely to result and thus, this may be a motivating diet, especially for those who have a considerable amount of weight to lose and would like to see some fast results initially.

The diet does not allow differences according to gender, age or activity level, all of which affect the number of calories a body uses in a day. Men, who are generally larger and have higher calorie needs, may find this diet especially difficult during the initial phase. Likewise, those who are extremely active may not get an adequate supply of calories from this diet. However, it may be sufficient for the short term for most of the general public, though such a daily intake of less than 1000 calories should not be maintained on a long term basis.

Much of the diet revolves around the use of shakes, specifically whey protein shakes. This may be an advantage or not, depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences. The use of shakes is convenient and fast, but those used to eating a wider variety of foods may miss it on this diet.

Finally, most people will find that the nutritional composition of this diet leaves them wanting for more carbohydrates. Granted, the average American consumes far more carbohydrates than is recommended, so cutting down on these is not necessarily a bad idea. The plan does include plenty of healthy, lean protein and essential fats, both important qualities of a healthy diet plan.


The Ultimate New York Diet, created by David Kirsch, is a new eating regime designed to result in quick and significant weight loss. This approach can be extremely motivating to people and may provide the impetus to follow a healthier lifestyle after the diet is discontinued. However, the low-calorie, low-carb diet may also be a turn off to many people, and it does not intrinsically provide guidance on long term healthy living choices. While this plan may be healthier than most quick weight loss plans on the market today, it is probably not the best choice for those looking to lose more than 10-15 pounds.

This article on the New York Diet Plan was supplied by Kristin Urbauer from Constant Content.

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