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The Beginning of the End for Alps Printer Cartridges

January 23rd, 2011

alps-printer-ink-cartridges.jpgAlps Electronics has been providing sound and reliable information technology to homes and offices for years, and to many users it was a name synonymous with quality and assuredness. It came as a big surprise to many in 2003 when it started to become increasingly difficult to source and purchase Alps products, specifically printer cartridges. When the company responsible for distribution of the largest volumes of Alps products in the United States, Daisytek Inc., went into administration, many of the household name office suppliers such as Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max were unable to meet the demands of customers.

No route to market

Daisy ink, however, was also responsible for distributing to many smaller companies and so in one fell swoop the ink supply to one of the country’s most commonly used printers was cut off. In a knee-jerk reaction to solve the problem, two websites AlpsPrinterCartridges.com and AlpsInk.com were set up to meet the demands of needy customers, and to this day they continue to act as a resource for those sourcing Alps consumable products.

You need only look at a few forums to see the impact that this period in the Alps company’s commercial life had on its existing present. Post upon post asking for ideas, suggestions, and pointers on where to buy, followed by failed attempts and reports of discontinued websites, show many loyal customers who continued to try to source the required goods but could not find any available suppliers. One particular website in New Zealand www.consumables.co.nz seemed to have access to products up to a point but then seemingly just ran out as comments hailing this site as the place to be eventually turned into disheartened acceptance of the fate.

A new era

Alps Ink continues to hold information for consumers searching for products and an outdated promise tells of how they’ll continue to stock until 2008. More recent information indicates that a new lifeline was introduced on this site in the form of Citizen cartridges which are meant to be compatible, but the veracity of this new offering is difficult to gauge. At this point, the commercial power and following which Alps had is not what it once was, and equally has not transferred to Citizen as the new bearer of the standard.

For those who fondly remember the use of Alps products, or even have an Alps printer now, keep going back to the website to stock up on cartridges whenever you can. Don’t take the easy route out which so many before you have of buying a shinier, seemingly better product and leaving the trusty reliable friend to fate. These slicker machines with more curved corners and a softer shade of off white to adorn their covers don’t hold the same gumption inside and certainly will not print as reliably as our trusted Alps printer cartridges.

This article was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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