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The Use of Paper Folders in Business Today

February 1st, 2011

paper-folder-presentation.jpgPaper folders have become a staple in business presentation. There was a point when brochures, fliers, business cards, and other such materials were handed individually to the client. This would often result in loss of material, and frustration of the client for needing to call and obtain additional information. By building a presentation in the folder, marketing professionals are ensuring that their presentations, along with their proposals, are contained in one neat package.

Though it does appear as a simplistic concept initially, there have been revolutions made in marketing folders that offer a more professional and flexible means of customization. Many businesses have moved toward developing materials that reflect a more direct proposal for their consumers. Examples would include printable paper folders and three-hole pocket presentation folders.

Printable Paper Folders

With the printable paper folder, companies are able to print their logo or any usable graphics on the front of the folder. This will let the consumer know right away how the representation of the company will appear. Usually, the graphics will include product representation. These printable folders give the marketing professionals a simple icebreaker when making their presentations. They are able to point directly at the pictures and basically introduce the consumer directly to their product.

The printable paper folders usually do have spots internally for business cards to be attached. This means that there is less likelihood that there will be a loss of contact information. The professional can build the contents of the folder to include brochures, fliers, and pricing information in one pocket while presenting a direct proposal in the other. This means that the professional has the option to take a little time to type a direct letter addressing the needs of potential clients, which also builds rapport. This is critical in maintaining relationships. Consumers like to feel that the people they are working with recognize them as individuals. This helps in creating that crucial element.

Three-Hole Pocket Presentation Folders

These folders include the pockets that the simple printable folders have with the internal means of attaching proposals in the middle. Printing companies do offer these with the printable fronts, but they have that critical element of being able to attach the presentation. This helps to secure the delivery of all the material to the ultimate decision maker if the representative one is meeting with is not that person.

These folders also contain the element of customization. One can ensure that the appropriate pricing information and other simple paper products could be attached rather than placed in the pockets. The pockets would remain available for brochures and materials that are not necessarily full page presentations. These pieces may not be as critical to the proposal as the full pages, but add an additional element to the overall presentation through graphic content.

Overall, paper folders have proven to provide a niche in the business marketing world. They provide an opportunity for professionals to customize their presentations to potential clients while securing them so that materials will not be lost. Clients are then more likely to have all the information available when reviewing the overall presentation to make a more informed decision.

This article on paper folders was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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