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New Email Service from Amazon

February 2nd, 2011

amazon-webmail.jpgAmazon has added yet another new component to its growing infrastructure in the area of cloud computing. The company is best known for its presence as an online retail giant, yet it has various tools available for businesses and web developers. Amazon has taken advantage of the technological possibilities behind the structure of a Simple Storage Service (S3) and applied it to a new bulk e-mail service aimed at business owners looking to attract as many potential customers as quickly as possible. The most attention-grabbing feature about Amazon’s Simple e-Mail Service (SES) is its potential to drive down the future costs of this type of online marketing tool. This may have some different implications for the developers of business e-mail services, and some industry experts claim that Amazon’s model is a sign of changes to come in business-to-business marketing of these types of online tools.

Amazon developers have continued their current infrastructure, requiring online business owners to only pay for this new e-mail service as needed. Charges are based on the numbers of e-mails sent out to potential sales leads, and reported costs are as low as only $0.10 for every 1,000 sent e-mails. Similar bulk e-mail services can charge up to 80% more than this amount for the same type of interface, service, and other online resource usage. As the number of sent e-mails grows through more advanced marketing campaigns, Amazon offers business owners scalable pricing to allow them to continue working to increase their profits well keeping initial expenses as low as possible.

According to initial testers of Amazon SES, there are still some areas for improvement, namely in terms of data input and output. Business owners who utilize this new service will also need technical support personnel who are well-versed in keeping track of new e-mail servers through a cloud computing infrastructure. It is generally agreed that processes of sending bulk e-mail through the cloud still have some kinks that need to be ironed out.

Overall, the performance of e-mail sent through Amazon SES is still going through some testing phases as more varied companies are beginning to use it and will need to report future results. Time will tell if the positives outweigh the negatives with these results. If in fact Amazon SES turns out to be a notable success, it could mean that its competitors will find it necessary to lower their prices on bulk e-mail services in order to stay competitive.

This article on Amazon’s email service was supplied by “ModernMind” from Constant Content.

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