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Metallic Paper for Personal and Professional Presentations

February 4th, 2011

metallic-paper-rolls.jpgIn the world of print, there are many materials available that could build a professional looking presentation. Individuals and even smaller businesses are not always able to pay the prices to invest in professional services for designing marketing materials or printed materials for events. Most often, one is pushed to find a means to get these same professional results with a lower budget.

The use of metallic paper is one such method that can accent your presentation to make it look more professional. Often, metallic paper can be used to provide that professional foil look that is otherwise obtained by using a printer. This is useful for everything from business cards to wedding or graduation invitations. The sheen that is added from this simple accent provides an elegance that looks very high-budget without the cost.

Metallic Paper for Personal Presentations

There are many communications that are still considered formal enough that we choose to use written communication rather than electronic messaging. Such examples are invitations for graduations and weddings.

Wedding invitations are considered to be the pinnacle of invitation creation. Professional printers charge hundreds of dollars to obtain the paper and print the invitations for a bride’s special day. If one is trying to maintain a sense of elegance without the professional printer budget, it is possible to shop out the costs and create a wonderful home-created invitation. Metallic paper can be used to create the foiled appearance that many formal invitation-grade designs maintain. It is merely a matter of determining what one wants to serve as the foil accent and creating the appropriate stencil for it.

Graduation invitations are much the same level of cost from the professional printing establishments as wedding invitations are often foil-trimmed pieces in many places. By obtaining the appropriate metallic accents, one can create a stunning piece for a graduation event that is comparable to the expensive professional invitations. This can include foiling out the school name or graduation year. By adding these accents to simple card stock, the invitation is transformed into something with the appearance of higher quality and importance.

Metallic Paper for Professional Presentations

Most often, high-end companies have foil accents on their business cards. Smaller businesses do not always have the budget to maintain these kinds of professionally styled accents. Though they are just as viable a provider, the simplicity of their card may not pop in the mind of the client as well as the stellar business card.

Small business professionals or people on a limited budget have the option of creating their own cards in house. With the appropriate software and a little creativity, they can use a combination of card stock and metallic paper to create a card worthy of the expensive professional printer. Again, with a little stenciling and design, an individual can gain the foiled appearance that the professional printers try to keep strictly for their usage.

Going into the future, budget options for personal and professional printing needs will require assessing budget constraints. With the use of metallic paper and a little ingenuity, one can obtain professional level results without the cost of the professional printer.

This article on metallic paper was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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