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Creative Uses for Scrapbook Paper

February 6th, 2011

scrapbook-paper.jpgKeeping a scrapbook has become a popular hobby. There are many different types of scrapbook paper that you can use to record your interesting life events. These options include both plain colored paper and ornate patterned types of paper. Depending on what you are looking to chronicle, there is a paper type for every occasion.

Building on that theme, you can use this paper to create various assorted crafting ideas that would lend a unique perspective to creating individualized paper projects. From invitations to gift tags, there is an assortment of options to add simple elegance to events, home projects, or gifts for others. Some projects could even save hundreds of dollars for budgeting compared to what more expensive materials would cost. Examples include wedding decorations and home accents.

Wedding Decorations

There are several sites and stores that offer particular types of wedding scrapbook paper. These can be used to create a myriad of decorations for the planning, ceremony, and the reception.

In the planning phases, you can use the paper for inserts for the invitations to add a touch of elegance. The wedding paper can also be used to create and save the dates or RSVP cards. This is a huge savings over ordering additional cards with the printer. Another planning phase possibility is to use the paper along with card stock to create your own invitations. There are many simple ornamental ways that you can create invitations with the paper, card stock, and a little ribbon.

For the ceremony, you can use wedding paper to create very stylish programs. You can also find paper that matches the décor of the event so that it follows along with the theme. The reception holds possibilities for place cards, favor tags, and accents for centerpieces. With the right planning and design work, using some simple kinds of scrapbook paper in creative ways can help you to save money on crafting and printing expenses.

Home Accents

There are also trends in using scrapbook paper to create home accents. Many people have found ways to match a paper design with their internal décor and create pieces of art for hanging in their home. You can find artistic style framing for relatively inexpensive prices and create a piece of art that can be changed if you or your clients decide to change the color scheme. Also, paper can be used to create a myriad of decorative accents such as ornaments and knickknacks. Some styles of scrapbook paper can also be used to design a border for a child’s room or for means of accenting a new nursery. Other home accent possibilities with paper include creating collages and actual framing for pictures.

With the surge in genealogy research, people can also make really wonderful presentations for their family tree. People can use different types of paper to represent accomplishments within their family. These presentations would be viable for display.

In conclusion, scrapbook paper offers many opportunities for home and event décor beyond the simple ideals of building a chronicle of life steps. One can use this paper to build a very unique and distinguished style that will add to any occasion.

This article on scrapbook paper was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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