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Wholesale Tissue Paper for Gift Wrapping

February 8th, 2011

wholesale-tissue-paper.jpgIf you like preparing and wrapping gifts, wholesale tissue paper can offer some interesting possibilities. Gift wrapping is almost an art form, maybe not as delicate as performing origami, but it still shows one’s craftsmanship and creativity. When somebody receives a gift that looks like it was wrapped by a professional, this can make the gift seem that much more special. To think that somebody spent the extra time and money to prepare such a beautiful gift can induce the soft-hearted to weep with joy. But nowadays, with the economy the way it is, who has the extra cash to spend on something that’s going to be destroyed and probably thrown away, especially on a gift? If you are like me, you don’t. That’s why you need to know about wholesale tissue paper.

Brighten up your gift with tissue paper

Although many gift shops will sell tissue paper, their prices can be outrageous. Plus, their selection may not be as large as what you might find if you looked for wholesale tissue paper on the Internet. Tissue paper softens the gift by giving it a fragile, caring feel, and the large selection of bright colors can brighten up any gift as well as someone’s day. Placing gifts in gift bags (also known as the ‘quick wrap’) with bright tissue paper crumpled over the top makes the gift seem fuller. Having a large selection of tissue paper at hand makes it easy to match up colors that are on the gift bag. Instead of shopping for a gift bag to match your certain selection of tissue paper, shop for wholesale tissue paper to match your gift bags, bows, ribbons, and gift cards. Going online and finding tissue paper at great prices isn’t difficult. There are a lot of different companies and online stores that sell gift wrap styles of tissue paper for cheap.

The Courtesy Gift Wrapping Booth

Some, if not all, major high yield department stores offer gift wrapping services, especially around the holidays. This allows you to have your purchased gift wrapped by an individual who specializes in gift wrapping. These department stores don’t usually have a large selection of wrapping and tissue paper to choose from, but always seem to carry the basic colors of red, white, and green. White tissue paper is most common, but to me that is just too plain, even though it’s more environmentally friendly. Some people don’t throw away tissue paper when they receive gifts, like to recycle tissue paper, and usually hold on to bright tissue paper ‘for that special someone’.

So the next time you decide to purchase a gift for someone for any occasion, remember that wrapping gifts yourself brings an extra warm feeling of love and care. It does not necessarily need to be a special occasion or holiday to purchase a gift for someone you care about; as long as you have high quality tissue paper and good wrapping skills you can still make a favorable impression.

This article on wholesale tissue paper was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Start A Dollar Store

    Gift wrapping with tissue paper is indeed an art. You need to have amazing talent for your gifts to look amazing. Thank you very much for sharing this informative post.

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