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Creating Marketing Materials with Patterned Paper

February 10th, 2011

patterned-paper.jpgSmall businesses are often faced with trying to find creative ways to present their marketing materials. With the Internet, revolutions have been made in building websites and using social networking interactions. Many people still prefer to obtain printed material to see what the company has to offer them.

In today’s business world, creativity is paramount in capturing consumer attention. It is important to make presentations that have appeal, but are also informative in a manner where the material pops to the eye of the viewer. One of these ways is using different patterned paper to create everything from flyers to business cards.

Brochures and Flyers

In the older days of marketing, businesses determined that the less expensive the presentation the better. Older style materials used plain paper and not many graphics to present their products to the masses. Back in that time, people also read more.

Brochures and flyers today have to present what one is trying to sell as graphically and with as much appeal as possible. When presenting a brochure or a flyer, using multiple patterns will draw in the attention of consumers, and cause them to retain more of the information. The paper patterns are critical because the business wants to ensure they are making a statement with the pattern, but they do not want to lose the professional appearance of their presentation.

For example, businesses will use paper that reflects a certain deal. If daycare centers were presenting new rates for their business, they would choose to use a paper that indicated they were cutting rates, such as dollar signs. This indicates to the consumer that the information is going to concern money. One has to ensure when picking a pattern for the flier or brochure that it will indicate the purpose as much as it will reflect the professionalism of the piece.

Business Cards

The idea of the simple, white business card is practically dead. People want to remember why they were dealing with the individual who gave them the card. Though some people may remember the business by name, it is still important for the card to carry a patter that will indicate to potential consumers what they were looking to acquire.

One example of this usage is in the wedding industry. Many photographers, bakeries, and wedding vendors will pick a pattern for their business cards that reflects elegance or wedding-style indicators. With patterns such as bells or floral patterns, the vendor will be giving an indicator to consumers that will instantly trigger them to remember that they were speaking to this person about their wedding plans. They may also include graphics such as a sample of their work on the card.

When pricing marketing materials, businesses must ensure that they are purchasing materials that will work in their favor. They must make sure that this investment is worth spending the excessive amounts that printed material often costs. With sticking to patterned paper, businesses are sending a message to their consumers that will act as a reminder, as well as providing the information requested for decision making.

This article on patterned paper was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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