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Various Uses for Paper Punches

February 12th, 2011

paper-puncher.jpgPaper punches have always been considered to be the best friend of the file clerk or the administrative assistant. These instruments have been used merely as a source of creating holes for the needs of arranging the contents of a file. Most people do not consider that there are many other types of projects that paper punches can serve as the basis to create. Whether using paper punches to add ribbon accents to creative paper projects or finding a means to arrange a presentation, the possibilities are almost endless.

Accents to Paper Projects

Often, creative projects are a culmination of artistic design and ingenuity. People are consistently attempting to use different means of creating simple presentational devices or even binding information together in the form of a series of documents. One method of doing so is by using ribbon. The complication to using ribbon is that it requires a means of introduction to the project. That is where the holes are necessary.

If creating a book-style project, one can make a single hole in the upper corner and tie a ribbon through the hole. This allows for a more easily navigated piece. There is also the potential of creating a two-hole presentation that has a ribbon to bind it as well. This would read a little more like a standard book, but with much the same restrictions. One would want to ensure that the full-page pieces were given an appropriate amount of room for margins to compensate.

Another means requiring holes would be the use of string. Though it may be used in much the same way as ribbon, the sturdiness of the string would dictate the ability of the presentation to withstand normal use. This may not be the best source, but it would require holes in the paper.

Arrangement for Folder Distribution

In considering presentations, professionals must ensure the complete review of their materials. As such, it becomes a necessity to consider methods of transport. Using folders has become a popular option in creating presentations for distribution. This generally requires full-page pieces inclusive of holes.

Often, these folders are a three-hole style which require the equivalent punch. One needs to ensure if maintaining this option that they compensate with the printing for the insertion of the holes for binding. Once bound, the presentation reads like a book, and serves to inform the potential client of the services and pricing that the provider has to offer. By choosing this option, the presentation has a cleaner view to the client and would provide an easier means of review.


There are also opportunities for holes to be used in crafting. From adding accents to origami projects to creating ornaments, the idea remains that one would punch holes in the paper to present a means of hanging it. This would allow for the artist to ensure that the project is maintained appropriately through its exhibition.

These options showcase the concept that paper punches are no longer just the friend of the person filing the account information. They are used for a myriad of reasons for a plethora of projects.

This article on paper punches was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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