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Paper Craft Supplies for Design

February 21st, 2011

paper-craft-supplies-organization.jpgIf you are a crafty person, then you will have craft supplies. There are thousands of different crafts that use paper as their primary medium. From the popular scrapbooking hobbyists to greeting card designers, paper is a part of many crafts. However, as a true paper crafter knows, you need quality paper craft supplies if you are going to have a quality product.

There are several hobbies that revolve around paper supplies; scrapbooking, handmade paper, cards, and invitations all require that the paper craft supplies used are durable and of good quality.


Go to any art store or hobby store and you are likely to find aisles dedicated to this renewed phenomenon. The photo albums of the past have become personalized story books made from photos and a large variety of papers.

The wonderful variety of paper that is used in scrapbooking makes each page and each person unique. People are not limited to simple colors or textures when they are searching for that perfect paper craft supply. With vellum paper providing an ethereal feel or cardstock providing a sturdy and more durable feel, paper is what lends the scrapbook an implied meaning or emotion behind the photos. Subtle or in your face, scrapbook paper has a paper supply to fit all personalities.

Handmade Paper

A paper craft that dates back thousands of years is the creation of handmade paper. The exotic aspect of this craft is that the texture is so entirely different from what most of us are accustomed to. The super smooth, thin and flimsy paper of today makes homemade paper look like a gladiator by comparison.

The quality of the paper product used when creating handmade paper determines the quality of the outcome. Homemade paper takes the ink extremely well from fountain pens and other ‘wet ink’ pens. The strokes from the pens leave the paper looking exactly as though the paper was made for the ink. The mixtures of supplies used in handmade paper individualize the product in a unique and artistically independent manner.


As any true paper crafter knows, the cute cards made from construction paper and brought home by school children are not quite the image most card designers are looking for. To provide a higher quality greeting card, it is important to know the different weights of cardstock. By traveling through almost any greeting card aisle you can immediately tell the difference between a card being sold for $0.99 and one being sold for $3.99. The quality of the paper makes a noticeable impact on the outcome of the final product. While there is nothing wrong with 99 cent cards, there are times when the paper quality makes a difference in your decision making.


The last paper craft is that of invitations. When designing an invitation, the choice of paper supply makes a significant difference. Your selection for a back yard BBQ will most likely be different from the kind of paper you might use for a 4-star wedding invitation.

Keeping the quality of paper craft supplies in mind is imperative when working with paper craft products. Knowing the different styles, forms, and densities will assist in making well-informed decisions. While being crafty is fun, it is also an art form that should be given its proper due.

This article on paper crafts was supplied by the freelance writer Blizzerand.

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