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How to Optimize Your Free Dropbox Account

February 22nd, 2011

dropbox-account.jpgFor most of us, the idea of shelling out $100/year to Dropbox for an upgraded account and 50GB of space seems a little pricey. That type of option is fine for businesses that need a lot of space, but the rest of us fall into the category of needing more than the default amount of free space, but less than the whopping 50GB that comes with a premium account. There are plenty of ways to get bonus space on your Dropbox account without putting any money forward.

Front Page Assignments

After you’ve registered your Dropbox account, you can head to your account home page to see a list of “quests” listed under the “Get Started” tab. All of these can be completed for easy 250MB bonuses to your account. Without even realizing it, some of the basic things you would do with Dropbox without thinking can earn you some 250MB bonuses.

EDU Email Account

If you’re a student enrolled at a university and have a .edu email account, you’re in luck. Student email accounts double the amount of credit earned for referrals. By default, referring your friends earns you 250MB for each person that accepts the referral and installs Dropbox on their computer. If you link your .edu email account to your Dropbox, each referral will earn you 500MB. This also counts for referrals that have already been completed; meaning all of those friends you invited before knowing this trick will add the bonus space to your account as well.

Another added bonus of inviting friends with their .edu email addresses is that they too get the referral bonus for accepting the invite from you. This is a true win-win for both users.

Dropbox Quests

Dropbox occasionally hosts online quests whereby they award more space to those who can successfully complete the “treasure hunt” of sorts. The quests aren’t all that difficult either, usually involving a few Google searches and searching through the website’s code. But for those not interested in scouring the Web and lines of code on the website, a few hours after these quests are made public, answer keys are available all over the Internet. A little searching will easily bring up what you’re looking for. The quests entice people to get to know Dropbox a little bit better and upon completion, you’ll be awarded an additional gigabyte of space. On average, if you’re completing things yourself, the quests will take about half an hour to complete. With the answers by your side, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Unfortunately, these quests aren’t available all of the time. The quests are only open for a limited time and you’ll have to be quick about responding to news regarding these quests to take advantage of the bonus space offer.


BooMP3, in short, is an MP3 sharing service. Instead of using centralized servers, BooMP3 utilizes users’ public Dropbox folders to index files available across the globe. On the website’s homepage, they encourage users to download Dropbox to participate in the service. But instead of using a link directly to Dropbox’s download portion of their website, BooMP3 instead cycles through users’ Dropbox referral links to give participating users the opportunity to get the referral credit as more users sign up for the BooMP3 service.

Getting your Dropbox referral link into front page rotation is very easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. All it requires is that you log in to your Facebook account, upload an MP3 to your public Dropbox folder, paste the public download link for the file onto the BooMP3 website, and put your referral link into the provided space on their website.

For those not interested in tying their Facebook account to an unknown company, setting up a temporary Facebook account works as well. Simply make an account with a throwaway email address and use that to login to BooMP3. Then upload a copyright free MP3 to your Dropbox folder to get a public download link for an MP3 and easily get in on the referral bonuses.

As Dropbox becomes more popular, they’re sure to come out with more innovative ways to get bonus space for their free users. But for now, these few tips and tricks will hopefully help you get even more out of the already great Dropbox service.

This article on free Dropbox accounts was supplied by “x50work” from Constant Content.

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