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How to Find the Best Art and Design School

March 4th, 2011

college-of-art-design.jpgThere are many quality art schools that offer a diverse range of subjects and programs, from traditional drawing and painting to graphic design, multimedia, and digital visual effects. If you’re looking for an art school that will help you achieve a highly successful career, it’s not always easy to know which one is the best. Many schools demand a high level of dedication and commitment from their students, and in return will offer the opportunity for academic excellence, a rewarding student experience, and a highly respected qualification at the end of the course.

Selecting the best school will ultimately come down to the one that will best serve your individual goals and needs, including what art specialty you want to pursue and what your career goals are. It is best to research each prospective school you are interested in for more information and visit their open days to get a feel for them. Talk to current students and faculty, and ask questions.

Often, the location of the school will be a major consideration, as you must be able to travel to and from the campus each day. Alternatively, they may provide the option of on-campus student accommodation. Another important factor that will influence your decision is the cost of studying at the school and financing options available. Some will require an upfront payment before commencement of the program, while others may offer a deferred payment option.

A good art school is not solely determined by its curriculum. Students who get involved in extra-curricular programs are happier in general, fare better academically, and are more successful in their careers. Non academic programs that might be offered include sports, drama, outdoor and recreation events, and involvement in student union activities. Another thing to look for when choosing the best art college is its locale. If you prefer an urban setting that is close to shops, cafes, public transport and other modern conveniences, then a school in a large city or populated suburb would be ideal. Alternatively, you may need a quiet, tranquil location in rural surrounds to achieve quality study time and concentration.

Of course, the best choice in art school will ultimately come down to what its study program offers. For example, high paying salaries in successful and professional art and design careers can be achieved only with well recognized and highly respected qualifications from the most prestigious visual arts institutions. The study programs that lead to such qualifications will incorporate many in-depth and up-to-date subjects that are relevant to the modern visual arts and design market. They will also train students in up-to-date software and industry standards, and provide the opportunity for real-world experience while building teamwork and leadership skills. The faculty will consist of the most experienced and knowledgeable teaching staff in the business. Also, the school will be equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology and facilities.

Upon completion of the course, an excellent art school will be able to offer various job placements or work experience opportunities for students to pursue, including internship programs at graphic design studios or art galleries. Scholarships and grants are also awarded to the most promising students. If nothing else, past alumni who are currently enjoying those high paying salaries are ultimate proof that they attended the best visual art and design colleges in the country.

This article on finding art and design schools was supplied by Crystine from Constant Content.

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