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Top Five Job Skills: Get Hired Now

March 16th, 2011

job-search-skills.jpgAlthough it can be difficult to stay ahead in the ever-changing job market, you can give yourself an advantage by seeking and honing the most important skills needed to find and maintain any career. To find and land the job you truly want you must be able to sell your skills with poise. To sell said skills, you must know what you are best at. To know what you are best at you must have a passion for something that you are good at and that can be used as a service, product or other means of earning an income. Read on to begin your course through self-discovery and a great job.


What do you love to do? What would you do even if you didn’t get paid for it? A mistake that many people make in choosing a career is doing something simply because they are good at it. If you are great at calculating gain/loss analyses, but hate doing it, what good is that skill? A job should be more than just a paycheck; it is not unreasonable to enjoy what you do for a living. Plus, the more you like what you do the better job you will do. Find a way to turn your passion into a job. Maybe the one way you love to spend your time and efforts is on gardening, even if you never received a single penny from doing it. How can this be transformed into a money making career?


Out of the things you love to do, which are you best at? Again, let’s say you love to garden, in general. But maybe you are best at designing and creating irrigation systems for a garden. Research this as a possible career by searching for such businesses on the Internet, looking through the yellow pages and talking to people who are in a related field.


Do you have faith in your abilities? What skills can you sell? Are you constantly seeking to improve/hone/use the things you enjoy and do well? You happen to consider yourself an expert on garden irrigation systems. Is the design and and/or creation of irrigation systems a marketable skill? Absolutely! You also make a point of learning new ways of creating irrigation systems and keeping up to date on the methods and applications of such. You’re on your way!


Can you keep yourself on a schedule? Can you adapt to changing situations? When you make those irrigation plans and systems, can you do it in a timely manner and using a variety of materials? Time is the one commodity that cannot be re-obtained, and therefore must be used as efficiently as possible. The ability to maintain your demeanor in strenuous situations is just as marketable as your best individual talent.


Do you take the initiative and keep yourself going? When problems arise in the planning or building of a system, can you stick with the project and find a solution? When it comes to an arduous task, are you the one who gives everything to get it done right? You’re an employer’s dream!


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This article on the best job skills was supplied by Amanda Place from Constant Content.

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