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Using Video and Audio for Internet Marketing

March 27th, 2011

play-symbol-audio-video.jpgMaking money online used to be fairly simple. One would be able to create a simple, one or two page website with keyword rich content, and then promote it by plugging in meta keywords and getting a few dozen backlinks. This would usually result in a website that would be fully capable of ranking in search engines, after which it would generate and sustain income. Now, however, almost everyone seems to be employing the same techniques that used to work, and their effectiveness has dulled accordingly. While the “old school” methods of Internet marketing are fine if you work harder than other marketers, truly capable marketers are always looking for new avenues to generate traffic and sales. As such, video/audio marketing is still fairly new, but it is one of the things that the A-list marketers have picked up on. But how exactly can you use video/audio to your advantage if you’re an Internet marketer?

Who Still Reads Books Anymore?

Videos are some of the most powerful weapons in the recent developments of the Internet marketing world. With video sharing sites like Youtube, it has become easier than ever to actually get traffic to a video and have the video go viral. This is one of the key strategies in most video based Internet marketing campaigns. Audio campaigns are sometimes a little harder, but there are many file sharing sites where you can upload mp3 audio files or you can even bundle the video you create with several downloadable audio files. Indeed, many marketers create a video and/or audio version of their digital ebook or hardcopy books and then bundle them with the physical or digital product. However, if you really want to get the most out of using video or audio products, you should go above and beyond.

How do you do that? Simple — make lone video courses that may be bundled with a written course, but that contain completely new information. Bonus videos and audio files are a great way to make sure your customers buy from you, even if you’re an affiliate. If you’re a vendor then it gets even better because you can control the way your potential buyer views your site. You can lead them through every part of your site and, instead of just reading page after page of content, you can actually show them! You can’t imagine how effective this is until you actually give it a shot. Just think of how you do things when you roam through a Web page — you more than likely skim through articles, picking out bolded words or just reading the headlines. It’s more difficult to skim through a video or audio file. Videos are also great because you can mass produce them more quickly and safely than you can written content. While there is a limit to the number of videos you can make in a day, you can shoot them to hundreds, if not thousands of video sharing sites. And audio files are just as effective as they can literally go viral overnight with peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs and the like. But now the big question: How do you get started?

Going Into Film (Or MP3) Production

So now you understand the most effective ways to use video/audio to your advantage, and you’re just wondering how you can get started. Well it depends a lot on your niche when looking at how you can create effective videos, but most of the time it’s pretty self explanatory. For example, if you were in the gardening niche, then the best way to do a video would be to buy a quality camera and actually go through a couple of months of gardening, picking key points to film and the final results. But this can become time consuming and expensive, so what you may want to do instead is to review some tips on video, and show just the finished product. You won’t even need a camera for that. By using programs like Camtasia, Zdsoft, and Camstudio, you can film your computer screen directly and upload pictures to your screen to show, along with your notes. Previewing the final product of an ebook this way is also very effective. Some video recording software is expensive, but Camstudio is free, and others like Camtasia come with a trial version that is powerful enough as it is.

Downloading the software is half the battle. The other half is getting prepared and procuring the hardware. Hardware is another easy victory — a nice pair of headphones or, if you’re on a budget, a microphone will do well for getting your voice onto your computer. Getting prepared to actually create your content is marginally harder. While it sounds easy — just sit down and talk — it can be pretty difficult if you aren’t prepared beforehand. You won’t want to create an instructional video that is supposed to teach someone how to turn their computer on and drone for 2 hours. That’s a surefire way to lose a potential client. Instead, create a bulleted list and go over it point by point when you’re making your content. You may want to consider making several small videos for every 2 or 3 bullets if your list gets too long. Creating video or audio content isn’t something that has to be daunting at all.

Live From Your Home Office, It’s The Webinar!

Another great thing about video is the fact that it can actually be used for live conversations and tutorials, also known as webinars. You’ve probably heard of them, and maybe even been to one yourself. While pre-recorded video content is great, live content, which allows for interaction between yourself and those potential clients, is even better. Webinars are particularly effective in the Internet marketing space, and other such niches where users are more Internet and technology savvy. Not to say you won’t be able to use a webinar effectively to go over tips on getting rid of wrinkles or how to get your ex back, but they aren’t nearly as effective in such niches. So how do you have a webinar? You can use webinar creation services such as GoToWebinar. They can get expensive, but they are also well worth it. Creating a webinar from that point is as simple as getting attendees and going over the same bulleted list mentioned earlier with them. Stop as often as you need to get feedback and answer questions. You can also set up “webinars” over the phone (called phone conferencing) for a pretty different kind of audio marketing, but one that’s just as effective. These conference calls can be serviced by places like Infinite Conferencing.

More Than Just Youtube

Now that you understand the basics behind video marketing, why it’s so advantageous to use it over written mediums, where do you actually put your content? There are several dozen places where you can post the content. Manually it can take a while, but if you use software such as Traffic Geyser or SENuke, it becomes that much more efficient. So what are the sites you can submit to and how do you do it? Youtube is the big one, but there is also Google Video, Megaupload, Gawkk, Facebook, MySpace, DailyMotion, EngageMedia, Vimeo, and many more.

Uploading the video is slightly different for each site, but you can usually find the instructions on the upload page, and it usually involves taking the media (make sure it’s saved in the correct format, such as .avi, .wmv) from its location in your computer and transferring it in one or two clicks. So what about audio files? Well the most popular format for audio is the mp3, and there are plenty of mp3 sharing sites out there, but the most effective method for non-music files like the ones used by marketers is probably torrent sharing sites. BitTorrent is probably the most popular way to share files on the Internet, and you can take advantage of the popularity by uploading to a plethora of torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, SumoTorrent, and uTorrent.

Time To “Press Play” On Video/Audio Marketing!

Now you know why you see so many more sites with videos than you did previously. With the pace at which photographic technology and software is moving, some people have speculated that one day there may be no written content on the Internet and talk will be done via video and audio content. But before video/audio content becomes a thing of the past, you can really cash in on it in your Internet marketing career. Take some time to create a couple of videos and then spread them to dozens or even hundreds of sites, then turn them into audio and spread them again through torrent sharing sites. Creating a viral marketing campaign is as simple as that, and the best part is you couldn’t stop the growth if you tried. Video/audio marketing may not be the ultimate solution, but considering that the pros vastly outweigh the cons, and the only thing you have to lose is a couple of minutes and some spare change for a mic or headphones, it would seem foolhardy to pass it up. And if your Internet marketing career doesn’t work out, you could always go into film!

This article on using video and audio in Internet marketing was supplied by Nanashi from Constant Content.

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