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Internet Marketing Calls for Finding a Need and Satisfying It

November 13th, 2011

internet-marketing-finding-needs.jpgInternet marketing, just like any business activity, can be simply described in terms of the words: finding a need and then satisfying that need. While the word “need” is something that goes on in the minds of people and can only be directly probed through brain activity, its universal presence brings about a general understanding of what it can mean. To some extent, a need can be understood in terms of words like craving, urge, or a problem that requires a solution.

While marketing professionals aver that it is important to identify a need, many people do not bother to actually do that and instead just rely on their “gut feel”, wishfully thinking that what they would do would turn out to be profitable. While there are no statistics against which one can compare the number of successes with the number of failures, the truth is that there are successes, some of which can be spectacular and unexpected. Perhaps, one thing going for these success stories is quite simply the number of people using the Internet.

Another thing is that people actually have a multiplicity of needs. Finally, there are some people who would be happy with even just partial satisfaction of their need, at least in the present time. As such, satisfying the needs of others can be done with pinpoint accuracy or with the “shotgun” approach. Pinpoint accuracy is evident when someone does a short proofreading exercise or a writing exercise like this one.

On the other hand, one who publishes a blog which may not please everybody but can call the attention of a few significant ones is evidently using the “shotgun” approach, sometimes in an amazingly successful manner. In another vein, satisfying the needs of others can be done with minimal outlay or with a huge capital investment.

The first two examples cited above, the ones who do language exercises or even articles for others practically have the barest minimum outlay. On the other hand, one who sets up and maintains a website has to cough up a substantial amount even before the website goes online. This does not include the inventory cost, if the website is intended to promote a business corporation or to sell a product.

At the end of the metaphorical day, business activities like Internet marketing must meet the confluence of effectiveness and efficiency. On the one hand, the test of effectiveness brings one back to the word “need” and how well that need is satisfied. Indeed, not everyone in the world entertains the illusion that the Internet world can satisfy all of the people’s needs completely all of the time. On the other hand, the test of efficiency takes one to the issue of outlay or investment or cost. Indeed, to find a need and to satisfy it is a key idea for business people, just like effectiveness and efficiency. And the virtual world of the Internet simply imitates the real world, in the same manner that art imitates life.

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