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Earning Online Through Web Content Writing

November 26th, 2011

writers-building-kolkataOver the past couple of weeks, I have been considering different ideas for what to do with this site and how to keep it updated without taking away too much time from other activities. A few days ago, while editing some recent article submissions, I came up with the idea of having my freelance writers produce articles about their own experiences with making money through Internet activities. After all, they are presumably earning some money at least through their content writing, and many have tried other ways of making money online as well.

Most Internet marketing blogs focus on the site owner’s attempts to make money through SEO, publishing niche sites, selling advertising space, building large mailing lists or other marketing methods, and after a while most of them mention the idea of outsourcing content creation or link building. They will discuss the methods of outsourcing and how much time and work can be saved, but I hardly ever read about the people behind it, the so-called “outsourcers” who write most of our content and do many of the other tasks that we often find too tedious or repetitive.

So instead of having the writers create yet another mediocre article on the “keyword of the day” I figured that I could have them write about their own personal journies, their daily struggles for survival, and how the Internet marketing world has changed their lives. By publishing their stories in a sort of documentary-styled series, I hope to present a view of the Internet marketing genre that we rarely read about on the popular blogs or in the mainstream news venues.

To that end I have replied to the requests for new projects from some of my freelance article writers with my idea. So far I have received one article in the new style from a person under the name of Debananda G. Her story, originally titled “Earning Online Through Web Content Writing - A Peek into My World, a Simple Story of Success” is published below.

With the World Wide Web reigning over all facets of life today, online earning strategies have become extremely popular and is raging the world of freelancers, bloggers, zealous writers and of course Internet peeps who love sneaking into the Web cosmos every now and then. It has benefited many retired personnel and unemployed individuals who have had to go through tough times pitted against the competitive world and of course, homemakers like me, who need to be a pro keeping up with the challenging tasks of looking after the household as well as supplementing the family income.

Coming to my story, do you want to know how I benefited from online earning stratagems? Not that I am someone great to hanker for or go gaga over; nevertheless, I would love to share my story of success as a freelance Web content writer with you.

My Childhood Inspiration

I hail from the sprightly, scintillating, bubbly and vivacious City of Joy, Kolkata in India, nestled as it is on the banks of the holy River Ganges. Kolkata with all her subtle beauties, her cauldron of scrumptious gourmet, her potpourri of festivals and centuries old rich heritage had imbued the passion of writing in me from my very childhood. Of course added to all this, was the staunch dedication of my beloved grandfather whose contribution to my life and in making me what I am today is undeniable. I grew up listening to stories from a number of countries in the world (my grandfather’s versatility was instilled in every drop of blood of mine, which I realized the more as I grew up). From Russian folklore to stories of the World Wars, I used to listen with spellbinding interest to all those awe-inspiring narratives. The enlightenment helped me a lot in my future years as a writer.

The Circumstances That Gave Impetus to My Writing Career

Well, I will not test your patience for long and would straightaway arrive at the circumstances in my life, which led to the advent of my online writing career. Post marriage I had moved with my husband to Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, where I started my career as a teacher in a reputed school. Teaching and being with children gave me immense pleasure and I loved it to the lees. However, those were the days when the two of us really went through tough times — not financially, since both of us were earning quite well; but physically, hardly being able to see each other throughout the day. I still remember those precious moments when we used to meet at the dinner table, and sneered at the food that the cook used to make. Weekends saw us sleeping for hours on end, as all our energies would be drained slogging in the professional sphere. Then my husband was transferred to Pune, Mumbai’s sister city, with better job prospects. This is when I stepped into the world of freelancing.

Freelancing: A Career That Changed My Life

If you thought I took up the profession as a substitute means of earning money at home, it was not so exactly. Quite interestingly, I was not a zealous Internet buff before this and used to check my emails only twice or thrice a month. I had left my job as a teacher and had begun with my other passion of reading books (a hobby, which I had to give up due to the busy regime in Mumbai). It was then that I came across an acquaintance, who was a freelancer herself and who showed me the way into the online earning career as a content writer. I still cherish the day when she complimented my first article on puppies (I am a passionate dog lover, and if I would not have chosen this career, I would have taken up a hobby of looking after dogs) through an inspiring mail which made me fly over cloud nine. Since then she has been a mentor to me, guiding me through the intricacies of writing on the Web and inspiring me to carve a small niche for me in the content writing world. Thus, I embarked on this interesting career choice, something, which gave me ample time to devote to the love of my life, my husband, whose support has sustained me in my professional genre all through.

Deep Till the Neck in Writing

I started with writing on myriad topics, articles that not only fascinated me, but enlightened me too giving a glimpse into various spheres of life, many of which I had been completely dark about. From writing technical articles for the software industry (which my husband used to help me out with sometimes, being in the same Information Technology field) to experimenting with my creative competence in niches like travel and tourism, I was drowned into the ocean of writing. My family expanded, I had a son, and responsibilities burgeoned.

However, amidst all the escalated encumbrances, I managed to keep up my individuality honing my skills as a writer, thanks to the flexible nature of the job, (not to deny my husband’s constant support and pampering - from preparing delicacies for me to bearing with all my tantrums when the Internet connection would pose problems). Working with a full-fledged educational institution for two years, I now realized (still realize it each day), the inimitable significance of earning through the Internet sitting in the comfort of one’s home. What a vast difference!

You can frame your own time schedule and yet look after your family and household. You can be independent financially and earn loads of money just by sitting within the cozy comfort of your home. Many times, the money that I earned through writing articles has helped sustain us through emergencies. Last, but definitely not the least, the best part of all, you get to illumine yourself with knowledge galore in various spheres (virtually I have traveled to umpteen countries in the world and savored a potpourri of different culinary delights all over the globe when I wrote travel articles for the Web!).

Earning Online: Some Tips

Being in this genre for quite some time now, I just want to share my notion of content writing as an art that should appeal to the readers as does a piece of painting that evokes thoughts or like a melancholy music that sweeps you off your feet. Just think, why would people turn to your articles or website content? Here are a few tips that I applied myself and have gained success, which I would love to share with all you fervent writers.

Peeking into the Minds of Readers

Readers are adept at sifting content, paying repeated visits to things, which they find relevant and doing away with the others. As a content writer, you need to delve deep into the web users’ minds and customize your content accordingly.

Using Simple Language

Language and words usage should touch the heart of the reader and yet be simple enough to enable even a casual reader to gauge with utmost clarity.

Be Purposeful

Nothing can be without purpose and definitely not your content. You should know the audience base you are attempting to target at and therefore tailor your content accordingly and not in accordance to your own skills.

Pour Your Heart Out

Finally, ooze all your passion for writing into your content, writing with a panache and style that will be successful in piquing the interest of the readers, striking a personal element rather than a mundane third person narrative.

My mentor has guided me into these small, yet significant inklings of earning quite a fortune online and I have truly gained profusely. With loads of positive attitude, thirst for knowledge and zeal to succeed, I began my journey and I am still marching forward – if I can do it, so can you!

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