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An Ebay Success Story from India

December 3rd, 2011

jaipur-india-hawa-mahal.jpgThe idea of selling on Ebay is one the many niches within the Internet marketing genre that I have known about for a long time but never fully explored. As with any type of business it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but for some people it can be profitable enough to allow for a comfortable lifestyle. Such an Ebay success story comes to us from India, where the aspiring accountant Ajay Shivam fell on hard times but ultimately managed to find financial enlightenment in this particular corner of the Internet.

Life is full of uncertain, unexpected twists and turns, making us mere puppets in the hands of the omnipotent being. Yet amidst all the highs and lows, elation and enigma, mystery and melancholia, life goes on and we are able to linger and live on, outshining the past, moving towards the future. Hope never seems to leave us even when we find ourselves in the direst of plights, trying to writhe out from the cauldron of despondency and desolation towards some sort of enlightenment.

The Internet: A Blessing Indeed

Now you must be wondering why I have been giving you such keen observations on life. Well, just because the above truths have a great bearing on my own life. Life today has obviously, become much easier than it was two or three decades back, thanks to the advent of the Internet cosmos. You do not need to take pains to go anywhere or run pillar to post, exhausting yourself and at the same time burning a big hole in your pocket in order to get a thing done. With the World Wide Web at your disposal, you can get any service, product, or job done sitting at the cozy niche of your home.

In addition, this very Internet came as a boon in my life and transformed it completely. I will not take much of your time, but I would nevertheless love you to spare some moments of your busy regime and lend a patient ear to how I got the magic number to earn money online.

Jaipur: The City of Royalty, My Hometown

Royal kings in stately attires seated on grand thrones, their beautiful wives, many of them from distant lands, luxuriating amidst treasure troves of glimmering gems and ravishing attires, ostentatious palaces- these were what made up the Jaipur of yore.

In this very Pink City of Rajasthan today, you will find men roaming in colorful turbans, bazaars teeming with berserk crowds and selling kaleidoscopic array of garments and handicrafts, streets lined with edifices splashed in pink. This is where I belong to and this is the city, which has witnessed all the vicissitudes in my life.

I was an aspiring Chartered Accountant, the only son of my parents (though this does not indicate any additional privilege on my behalf since my father was an ordinary clerk). I had been moderately good in studies all through my school life, and always had big dreams of becoming the head honcho in a reputed company; somewhat like a Chief Executive Officer.

However, my father’s premature death by a road accident transformed my whole life in a jiffy. All my zealous efforts to become a Chartered Accountant were smashed to smithereens and I was left with no choice but to leave my studies in the middle in a bid to earn a livelihood. My mother, already crippled with ailments was completely shattered by this unexpected catastrophe. I somehow got hold of a minor job as a salesperson at a not so big automobile company and drew a meager remuneration that was barely enough to make two ends meet. However, this too did not last long.

The owner of the company got himself trapped in some malfeasance and shut down his entrepreneurial venture all of a sudden — another denouement! And this time I felt like drowning in an ocean of adversities and no providence out there to fish me out (I had even gone to the extent of attempting suicide). A very close friend of mine who ran an Internet café asked me to look for jobs online. That gave a new ray of hope and I began with renewed vigor desperately looking for a job, posting my resume in every possible firm. This is when I came across Ebay.

Ebay: The Website that Came as a Blessing

One day while browsing I just checked on this particular website, - Ebay where you could sell the smallest of things that you find in your house and which you feel, can fetch you some quick cash. The fact that the storehouse of our rented house still comprised hoards of antique furniture from our old home, things which could be sold for quite a lot of money struck my mind.

Moreover, what better way to get the right price than placing them at an auction- a convenient and awesome way of earning some money through a website by sitting at the comfortable corner of your home? This is what Ebay is all about and this very Ebay steered my life into a positive direction.

I went back to my house and straight to the underground cellar to take a glimpse at the things that were lying there gathering dust. My heart wrenched for a moment, as they were family heirlooms and I had grown up seeing them and holding them truly precious. But the very next instant the image of my ailing mother and the queue of people banging our door to ask for their money (which my father had borrowed and left the rest on me) made me strong and I geared my courage to make arrangements for selling them (I had to take the permission of my mother too). Thus, I started on a new journey in my life.

I cannot forget my friend’s unconditional support throughout the period where he managed to give me a computer for my personal use at home, which made matters easier and more convenient for me. Money started flowing in and I could pay off the debts gradually. Once I got the secret to earning on Ebay, I started with a small firm myself whereby I sold goods on other people’s behalf for some commission which, though small at first, added up to quite an amount with the successive growth in my clientele base.

My knowledge as a salesperson assisted me in the new venture of mine largely, abetting me on lines of persuading people in the right way. Today I have bought a small house for myself and my mother, I am able to pay for her treatments every month and have also decided on starting a family of my own (and the love of my life knows every bit of my life and has stood beside me all through the ebb and flow).

Earning on Ebay: Some Useful Tips

Now that I have earned quite a fortune for myself in a period of only 5 years, I would definitely wish to share some ways that I had adopted for earning on Ebay, which helped me lead a fairly thriving life since. Take a glimpse at some ideas to grab the right auction to optimize your sale.

Do Some Research

Explore through the prices of items that you wish to sell on EBay at the website as well as other similar websites to get an idea of the best price that your items can get. However, beginning with a lower bid will attract more participants and catapult you quickly towards the minimum sale point. Also researching on the demand of the items will help you gauge the right products that are an “in thing”.

Endow Benefits like Free Shipping

Additional benefits like free shipping will allure your clientele better and win customer trust. You can also proffer insurance for selected items.

Build Up a Professional Name

To earn the trust of your clientele, you need to present yourself in a professional manner and prepare for things such as proper packaging and delivery confirmation along with tax inclusions, which a reputed entrepreneur would do.

Make Your Items Alluring

Finally, posting apt and vivid descriptions of your items along with the right keywords and sprucing them with proper, authentic images is the key to find your way to the customer’s fancy.

Ebay has indeed bestowed upon me a lot. If you too are in dire need of money and have things that you could spare, just try my way. I am sure you too will emerge triumphant in your endeavor.

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