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Making Money Online from Multiplayer Games

December 11th, 2011

games-online-making-money.jpgThis week’s story relates to the topic of playing online multiplayer games for fun and profit. Although it may not quite fall into the Internet marketing category because it does not involve marketing per se, the fact that many MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) types of games have in-game currencies that can be traded for real money makes this an intriguing online earning option for gaming enthusiasts who might otherwise think of this as an unproductive activity.

Personally I have my doubts as to whether the story that was sent in for this week’s article is actually true. Although a quick check on the town of Millerton, New York confirms that it actually does exist (this small town of about 925 people is located on the eastern edge of the state, close to the border with Connecticut), the story still seems rather contrived, and the types of English usage errors present in the text suggest that it was not written by an American or other primary English user. When I asked the person who submitted the article for the name of the author, the reply was “you may put in any American name of your choice”, something that also does not exactly inspire confidence in me about the authenticity of this little narrative.

Nevertheless, the story is somewhat plausible and the topic is still legitimate; I have read many accounts of people managing to earn several hundred dollars per month or more from their online gaming efforts. If you happen to be one of them, or if you are just getting started on your path to MMO glory, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Gaming to Earn Money: A Peek into My Life of Fun

Sometimes, the very thing that is seen as a bane in your life - the thing that has always been looked in a condescending way, turns out to be a miraculous boon. And that is what happened to me, my passion. Yes, I am a young man, in my early twenties, here to tell you how you can earn money in a fun, entertaining way — by playing games. Bewildered? Baffled? Befuddled? Thinking I have gone bonkers? No, hold on. I have not become demented and what I said is true. You can really make money by playing games online. Gaming was my passion, my obsession which I made into my small-time livelihood. If you still do not believe me, just spare some time to read my story of success (with a difference of course).

Millerton: My Village, My Childhood

I was born as well as grew up in the small village near New York named Millerton — beautiful in all her serene, tranquil trousseau, located in the Duchess County. Today, although urbanity has tried to impose its materialistic ways into the town, Millerton still retains its impeccable, unrivalled pastoral beauty where you will feel at home. A visit to this vibrant village would reveal the meandering roads fringed with shops that allures you to take a glance at the wares.

As a child, I was a very mischievous, troublesome lad, grabbing every chance to dupe my poor mother who would fall prey to my deluding ways. My father was teacher at a small village school (not a very happy profession for me, as you can imagine how strict he was). Not that I could escape my father’s watchful eyes, being in the same school and getting spanked every time I tried to run away. Even if my father did not notice, the other staffs would lose no opportunity to report about my absence to my dad to all their heart’s glee, adding some exaggerated statements in between to spice up the matter. This continued in high school and college and I would often get reprimanded.

The Advent of Games in my Life

During my teens, a new interest made its way into my life — that of gaming. Mobiles were a rage then among my classmates and other school boys and girls (as it is now but with more advanced technology) and what appealed to us boys were the myriad games that came with every cellular mobile device. I had got the chance of experiencing the thrill of video games at one of my friend’s house, as my father would have never allowed me to engage in such activities which were according to him utterly wasteful and unproductive.

With mobiles coming in, my chances of playing games burgeoned. I bought a second-hand device from my filthy rich friend with the money which I used to get from my dad for eating in school and thus began my world of pleasure, of adventure and exhilaration which soon took the shape of a passion. I would sit in class, gaming under my desk (who would listen to those drab, monotonous lectures, I thought) and often get punishments for not paying attention to the never-ending speeches by the Professors. I started collecting games from friends and we would often challenge each other in these.

My obsession took such turns that I got suspended for a month for faring miserably in the examination, much to the chagrin of my parents. This was too much for my father to bear. He being such a revered, honored personality in the town, I had dashed all his respect to the grounds. He threw me out of the house, telling me to find my own way out in this world. I could see the helplessness on my mother’s face, her heart wrenching out in agony, which she had to gulp down. May be in the heart of hearts she knew my father was right and it was time that I took life seriously.

I wandered alone for some time and then thought about taking shelter in one of my friend’s house. His family was magnanimous enough to shower me with sympathy and affection and treat me with much care. My friend had a computer which at once enticed me and brightened up my spirit. I sat to indulge in my favorite sport — gaming. It was here one day, that, while surfing through the Internet to download games I came across a couple of websites where you could earn money. The idea struck me instantly and I checked on them. Good heavens! It was true! I could earn REAL MONEY by merely playing games, which were not gambling in any form.

This was such a fun and unique way of earning money! Only parameter was you needed to be a pro, which I definitely was (at least in one field). I tried a website that had a promotional launching offer prize of $100 to the winner and yes, I won it, my first earnings. I felt like being the king of the world and running into my mother’s arms and placing it in her hands, asking forgiveness for all the trouble I had given her throughout. But the very next moment, my father’s resentful, chafed eyes conjured up in my mind which pierced my soul like a bow and I changed my mind. 20 days passed and I could not take any more obligations from my friend’s family. I pondered the whole night about my next stop. Should I go back home and show my father, the thing that he detested has turned out to be a valuable gift for me? I was in a dilemma.

The following morning proved to be one of the happiest days in my life as I woke up to find my father sitting in the living room of the house, talking to my friend. The moment he saw me, he came up and took me in his arms. For the first time in my life, I could feel his love, his warmth. All my hostility towards him disappeared as we both stood there, father and son embracing each other without a word to express the depth of the emotions that overflowed.

A Successful Gamer

Needless to say, I resumed college and completed my graduation and even did a diploma in computer graphics and programmer (I kept it as an alternative career option to program games, if possible and live a wealthy life like Ethan Nicholas, the IShoot on IPhone programmer). Today, I spend 10 hours a day doing what I love from the core of my heart and earn quite a fortune out of it. My father does not mind my choice of career, since I did what he wanted — completing my studies. To tell you the truth, the 20 days distance did the magic; we are the best of friends now as we sit every evening to share a glass of wine or beer together.

Some Secrets to Share

Playing games online is no herculean task to master and you just need to act with acumen and choose the right gaming websites. Some of the more popular games which I tried and earned loads of money are Second Life, Exodus 3000 and websites like Play and Win, ClubBing, Clip2Play and the likes. Some require expertise in gauging the strategies, while a few are dependent on your luck. Here are some tips that I applied myself and would like to share with all of you frenzied gamers to guide you as much as possible.

  1. Browse through websites which proffer you prizes in cash, if you turn out to be among the high scorers. Gamesville, Bejeweled 2, Spades, MSN Games are some games and gaming sites which obtain cash from advertisers and offer prize money to the winners.
  2. If you are a connoisseur in gaming, rummage for websites which launch new games and competitions and offer handsome amounts as cash prize. You will find thousands jockeying for the top position and therefore, you require to be an ace player in that.
  3. Finally, take to action-packed combating games like Gears of War, Quake, Mortal Combat and the likes which will send thrills down your spine, while endowing you the opportunity to earn more than $1000 cash each time.

Earning money through playing games is an exciting, fun, and entertaining activity, which will always enliven you. I still find immense pleasure out of it, why don’t you make an effort too?

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