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Simple Principles of Viral Marketing

May 28th, 2012

viral-marketing-concepts.jpgToday we have a guest post by Sarah Jules on the topic of viral marketing, a concept that has been receiving more attention recently as much of the talk in the SEO world has been gradually shifting towards the sharing of content on social networks. As long as you start out with good content, this type of social sharing can create a multiplying effect (hence the word “viral”) as one person shares your article with a few friends, who in turn share it with many others, thus increasing the reach of your promotional efforts far beyond what you would be able to do manually by yourself.

Viral marketing helps marketers to target market segments which cannot be effectively targeted using traditional communication channels like print and television. The main advantage of a viral marketing campaign is that it goes into auto mode once the campaign is spread on the Internet and brings targeted traffic to your site. Due to its uniqueness, marketers have to follow different strategies when designing and executing such a campaign. Below are the important principles that you should keep in mind before your launch:

Give Incentives

Things like software, ebooks, smilies, etc. should be given free of cost to visitors of a viral campaign site to attract attention. The lure of free items will have a tendency to draw more people towards the site. This will also help in list building and generating advertising revenue. Other items can be sold to visitors who are first attracted by the free items on offer. Visitors can also be given other incentives like bonuses and discounts for recommending your site to their family and friends.

Make People Emotional

The second important principle to be kept in mind is to make visitors emotional. Your viral campaign should be able to take advantage of the motivations and behaviors of its targeted audience effortlessly. The campaign should be able to fill people with emotions like love, hate, joy, anger and the like depending upon the need. This will facilitate the faster spread of the campaign.

Facilitate Effortless Transfer

Viral marketing is all about speed. The message or content of a viral marketing campaign should be developed in such a way that it is easily transferable to others. Its messages should be short, simple, and direct in order to be transmitted faster. Long and complex messages cannot be communicated to others easily.

Do Things Which Are Unexpected

A good viral marketing campaign should be unique so that it spreads quickly on the Internet. Any videos used in your efforts have to be unique and hilarious. Ideally they should contain some type of content that is unexpected and surprising so that the visitors watch the videos until the end and share them with others. Talking about the quality of your products and your expertise without having an element of uniqueness in your campaign may not yield the desired results.

Using Existing Communication Networks

Modern social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus help people develop relationships. Messages posted on these social networking sites are highly viral because these social sites are very interactive. Any viral marketing campaign should have a well thought out strategy to place its message into these existing communication networks to rapidly multiply its distribution across the Internet.

Allow Transfers and Never Restrict Access

The content of a viral marketing campaign should allow for its easy transfer on the Internet without any significant effort necessary on the part of the user. It should be made available for quick downloading and adding to social bookmarking sites by the visitors. There should not be any annoying barriers such as registration, passwords, or paywalls that would restrict open and easy access to your site. Any such restrictions placed on the content can confine or prevent the spread of your campaign.

Many major companies across the world are showing interest in viral marketing as instantaneous communication on the Internet becomes more effortless and inexpensive. A well-designed campaign that follows the above principles can create wonders for marketers.

Sarah is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology and is also fond of books. She recently did an article on style guru. These days she is busy writing an article on eco friend.

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