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Nikon D7000 Camera Review

August 15th, 2012

nikon-d7000-camera.jpgThe Nikon D7000 was first announced in September of 2010 as an anticipated successor to the D90. This model of the Nikon began shipping in October of 2010. Since its departure from Nikon to the consumer, it has since been earning respect for being very close in specifications to its semi-pro relative, the D3005.

In comparison to the D90, both cameras are very similar. The first difference that one notices from the D90 to the D7000 is the feel of the camera. The D7000 has a much heftier feel to the hand thanks to its shell that is made from a magnesium alloy. This gives it that more substantial feel of professional cameras. Nikon has also added a thicker rubber to the grip area that makes for easier operation. This thicker coating is also found on the back of the camera, a new addition that gives it better holding power.

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