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Reasons to Tutor Online

February 15th, 2013

online-tutoring.jpgA good way to make money from home is to tutor online. Several options exist for experts in all sorts of fields. Whether you are a certified math teacher or you have a passion for gardening, put your knowledge to work tutoring others online.


Some sites such as Ed2Go, BuddySchool, and Fortemall allow teachers to develop their own content, charge what they want, and schedule their classes. These types of tutoring platforms can help the independent tutor who does not have her own tutoring software. Use these sites’ software for your classes. You can often list your services for free. You may have to pay a small fee for advertising to get your name out so students can see it, however.

Set up your own website to explain who you are, what you teach, and provide more information about your services. Market your website online in as many places as you can. Write articles, create a blog, and advertise with various search engines in order to increase flow to your website and the number of students you have.

Online tutor companies often allow you to work part-time or full-time, and during morning or evening hours, especially if their students are overseas. If you teach students in your own country during the day, you could have regular daytime working hours.


If you tutor for a company offering tutoring services to students, you have a better chance of dependable, predictable work. The work pays a set rate to you, the tutor, but you can have the assurance of knowing that the income will be in your bank account on pay day. You will have to apply to be a tutor with an online tutoring company just as you would for any other job.

Low Overhead

A webcam, headset, decent computer, and a high speed Internet connection are the basic equipment required to be an online tutor. Webcams and headsets are inexpensive, and the Internet you were going to use anyway is paid for after a few tutoring sessions each month.


Throw a button-up shirt over your pajamas, wear your bunny slippers, and teach your classes. No one has to know that you rolled out of bed 15 minutes before you started class. Webcams are not all that detail oriented, so throw your hair in a pony tail instead of wasting precious sleeping minutes brushing and curling your hair.


Online tutoring uses web conferencing technology that puts you on the cutting edge of Internet communications. You will learn how to utilize many software tools during your tutoring sessions that will help your students learn as if you were in a classroom with them. Be creative and experiment with the tools you have to help your students learn.

Low Teacher-Student Ratios

Online classes often top out at around five or six students, making it easier than a regular classroom to assist each student with their individual needs. If you work with the same students regularly, you can develop a relationship with each one and help them learn even more during your times together.

Online tutoring gives you the ability to teach where, when, and what you want. Make extra money, or make a career out of it. You do not necessarily have to be degreed or credentialed to be an online tutor. Take what you know and are good at, and share it with the rest of the world.

Leyla N. is a certified teacher of English as a foreign and second language. She is also a freelance writer who holds a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a Master’s in Development Studies.

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