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Funny Anti-Vista Video; Microsoft Sucks Bandwidth

November 27th, 2007

Earlier this morning, I received an email with a link to a funny video from BlimpTV.net. It is a parody advertisement for Microsoft’s Vista operating system that details the many problems and frustrations that users have had to deal with regarding this latest version of “bloatware”. Fortunately, our household never bought into the hype around Vista and has stayed with XP, which is a good thing because it has probably saved me lots time and headaches.

It seems that most of this site’s visitors have also elected to stay away from Vista. According to my traffic statistics, only 7.7% are known Vista users compared to 61.3% for XP. Here are the full stats on operating systems, with the video posted below between the blue lines:

Windows 84.4%

  1. Windows XP 61.3%

  2. Windows NT 9.3%
  3. Windows Vista 7.7%
  4. Windows 2000 2.4%
  5. Windows Server 2003 2.3%
  6. Windows 98 0.6%
  7. Windows NT 4.0 0.4%
  8. Windows ME 0.2%
  9. Windows 95 0.2%
  10. Windows XP 64 bit less than 0.1%
  11. Windows CE less than 0.1%

Others 3.8%

  1. Mac OS X 1.5%
  2. Mac OS less than 0.1%
  3. Ubuntu Linux 1.3%
  4. Linux 0.4%
  5. SuSE Linux 0.3%
  6. Fedora Linux 0.2%
  7. Debian GNU/Linux 0.1%
  8. FreeBSD less than 0.1%
  9. Palm OS less than 0.1%

Unknown 11.8%

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Funny Quotes and Words of Wisdom

November 13th, 2007

quotes2.jpgThis is a collection of quotes that I have been gradually accumulating and storing over the past few years. Originally, most of them came from forum signatures, although recently I have begun to include quotes from other Internet and offline sources as well. Some of them are quite funny, especially when viewed from a modern perspective. Others are not strictly funny, but are “words of wisdom” kinds of quotes that I happen to agree with and believe are still relevant to current affairs.

Although this post may not do well in SEO terms because of duplicate content (most of these quotes have already been republished on other web pages), I would like to maintain this page as a continuously updated resource for the funniest and wisest sayings that we have discovered in our quest for enlightenment. Of course, you can contribute to this list too; if you happen to come across any really good quotes that would fit in here, feel free to post them in the comments section.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for another good source of quotes that are funny and sometimes wise, you can check out Quote Junkie Funny Edition, which contains over 800 of the funniest quotes from some of the most serious people in the history of the world.

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Diaper Bag or Backpack?

October 17th, 2007

This somewhat humorous piece by N. Matyas describes an awkward situation in which a father brings his two year old son to a football game and tries to explain that the diaper bag he is carrying is actually a backpack. Ironically, after arguing his case unsuccessfully with his friends, he has to turn his story around and argue in favor of the diaper bag when he is stopped by the stadium security guards for carrying a “backpack”.

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Environmentalists Sign Petition to Ban Water

July 23rd, 2007

A few days ago I received an email about someone in Idaho who had conducted an experiment for his high school science fair in which he asked people to vote on whether or not they would ban a chemical called “dihydrogen monoxide”. After mentioning several of its properties that could produce unfavorable effects, he managed to get 43 out of 50 people to support a ban of this seemingly dangerous environmental hazard. For those of you who may not have been paying attention in chemistry class, this “dangerous” chemical is actually water. And as soon as I read the email, I realized that this little experiment has been done before.
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Are Americans Stupid?

July 15th, 2007

While it may be too much of a generalization to say that Americans are stupid, many of them are certainly quite ignorant about certain topics, as this video clearly demonstrates:

Before anyone takes this too seriously, it should be noted that this is more of a humorous sketch than a scientific survey. However, the ignorance displayed by many Americans about things like geography, current events, and even “common sense” information is very real.
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KRIS-TV News Report Riddled with English Usage Errors

June 23rd, 2007

Approximately four months ago, I received an email about a food product recall that was beginning to affect the grocery stores and supermarkets in our local area. When I checked the bottom of the email for the source, I noticed that it was from our local NBC affiliate, KRIS-TV. Amazingly, I found that the report was full of errors even though it was coming from what is supposed to be a professional news station.

I replied to the email with a detailed list of the errors and my suggested corrections. Earlier today when I was trying to come up with some ideas for humorous blog posts, I remembered this report after I read another one from the same news source that also contained two word usage errors. After going back through my old email folder, I was able to track down the original report again. It turns out that even after four months, they have only managed to correct one of the errors that I had noticed (the “effected” vs. “affected” mistake is the one that is now fixed), but have left the other five completely untouched! Here is the original report from February 26, with my reply between the lines below:

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Humorous News Stories: Car-Baked Cookies and Mysterious Honey Dippers

June 19th, 2007

After looking at the category listings last night, I realized that I have not made a post for the humor topic since the article on April Fools Day jokes. So today as I was doing my usual surfing at the traffic exchanges I started paying attention to any humorous stories that might be contained in people’s pages and links. I eventually ran across two stories that were relevant enough to fit into the category but that most of you have probably not seen yet because these kinds of stories seldom make it into the front page headlines.
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April Fools Day Jokes from Around the World

April 3rd, 2007

The Internet world has experienced some interesting April Fools Day jokes over the past two days.

I received emails from two different family members yesterday about a new service that was being launched by Google called Gmail paper. This new service would allow Gmail users to request paper copies of their email messages and have them delivered to their address free of charge. This “service” turned out to be a hoax, but one of my brothers was temporarily fooled by this. Other Internet users from around the blogosphere called the joke “lame”, while my mother emailed, “This makes no sense!!!!?”.

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