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Investing in Silver Art Bars

January 16th, 2011

Silver art bars are generally made of 99.99% pure silver (.999 fine) so as an investment option they are very secure but for many people that is not where the excitement lies. The Foster Company started the idea in the late 1960s by creating imprints of anything from sporting event memorabilia to oriental dragon designs on silver bars. Now collectors and investors can trade online very easily and the auction site Ebay.com has a large network of traders buying and selling all the time.

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Tax Advantages of Being Self-Employed

January 6th, 2011

tax-advantage-self-employed.jpgFrom being your own boss to having greater scheduling flexibility, being self-employed offers many unique benefits. Taxes are another such area in which self-employment proves beneficial. Whether you are just venturing into the realm of self-employment or are more experienced, a basic understanding of deductible expenses and other tax advantages is necessary to realize the maximum income potential of a business. While most self-employed individuals recognize that basics such as supplies, equipment, and mileage can be deducted, many do not take advantage of all the allowable deductions available to them from Uncle Sam. From business costs to retirement accounts, self-employment proves useful come tax time.

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Getting a Bankruptcy Home Loan

December 14th, 2010

bankruptcy-houses.jpgFinding a home loan after bankruptcy is not difficult, but finding good terms for the loan is. Filing any of the chapter 7, 11, or 13 varieties of bankruptcy are major negative credit events which damage a borrower’s credibility, and lenders will charge accordingly. To buy a home with a bankruptcy in your history, be prepared to make a substantial down payment and to receive offers with double digit interest rates.

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The Basics of Currency Trading

December 11th, 2010

currency-trading-basics.jpgLearning the basics of currency trading can be a profitable and exciting adventure. While it is easy to find straightforward information or take a class to become proficient in the currency markets, taking the first step and trading with real money can be a great thrill. To prepare for the markets, build a strong foundation first and then practice, practice, practice.

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Islamic Finance and the Medici

November 22nd, 2010

islamic-finance-mosque.jpgIn a large portion of the world financial transactions are routinely scrutinized for their compliance with Shariah, the Islamic divine law as interpreted through a variety of institutions and authorities. Moody’s estimated in April 2010 that banking and financial institutions that aspire to Shariah compliance managed roughly $950 billion in assets. With such numbers, it is not surprising that Shariah-compliant finance has of late attracted a good deal of attention (sometimes cynical, sometimes starry-eyed) in the non-Islamic world.

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Tips for Choosing Forex Options Trading Brokers

October 29th, 2010

forex-options.jpgForex options trading brokers play an important role in the foreign exchange market. Forex brokers have the core duty of assisting traders who wish to invest significant amounts of money in Forex trading so that they can make informed decisions. Such brokers can guide investors toward larger profits by giving the proper advice.

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Make Extra Money with Your Hobbies

October 16th, 2010

money-from-hobbies.jpgIn these tough economic times, many people are looking for ways to make a little extra money. One of the simplest ways to generate additional income is by turning your favorite hobby into a part-time job. Here are some great ideas for turning what you love to do in your free time into supplemental income.


People who don’t have the time or skill to make craft items are often willing to pay a premium for quality handmade goods. If you are a talented crafter, then you can make extra money by selling your craft projects. Some craft items that sell very well are quilts, candles, home décor, dolls, and soap.

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Loan Tips for Home Based Business Startups

September 28th, 2010

small-business-loans.jpgGetting a home-based business startup loan will require collecting evidence of your previous business experience. In most cases, you will be asked for a track record of success before anyone considers lending your business money. Therefore, you must prove your worth for obtaining the loan to start a home-based business. Begin by preparing documents that can be viewed by prospective investors. The two best options for a home-based business loan include peer-to-peer lending and venture capital firms because of accessibility online. Look on the Internet for listings and reviews of each to make your decision on which is best for your company.

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Financing a Small Business in Good Times and Bad

September 27th, 2010

small-business-finance.jpgScholars have debated theories about the psychology of entrepreneurship at least since the mid 1970s. They have sought to answer such questions as: what kind of person is most likely to start a new business? What personality traits enable success? These are good questions, but an important element is often neglected in such discussions: the business cycle. The right leader for a downturn is not necessarily the right leader for a period of expansion. Indeed, the penny pinching habits of mind necessary and appropriate for a downturn may well be a hindrance during an expansion.

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Bad Credit Personal Loans: Associative Advantages

September 20th, 2010

personal-loans-bad-credit.jpgIf you have a less-than-stellar repayment history then it could be a reason of denial for any of the payday or regular traditional loans you want to apply for. In such a situation, you may have noticed that it is very difficult to find success with other options when you can’t get any help due to your bad credit history. You should consider paying off all of your bills at the limited time assigned to you or else it could become another reason for potential lenders to avoid granting you personal loans or other types of credit in the future.

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Newspaper Routes: A Great Way to Earn Extra Money

September 19th, 2010

newspaper-route-carrier.jpgChances are, by the time you wake up in the morning, your newspaper is already sitting on your front porch. If you’re like most people, you pay for your subscription by phone, through the mail, or online. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve never seen the person that delivers your daily newspaper.

The romantic notion is that there’s a kid on a bike with a sack slung over his back, dealing rolled up papers to every house on the block. The truth is that in many large cities, working adults have found these jobs to be excellent sources of second income.

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