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The New Lytro Camera with Light Field Sensor

January 11th, 2013

lytro-camera-review.jpgAlmost two years ago, the startup company Lytro announced that it was going to revolutionize the world of digital cameras, and just recently they finally announced their first line of products. The Lytro cameras boast new cutting edge technology that lives up to the hype that the company stirred up, allowing consumers to take and experience pictures in a whole new way. However, this doesn’t change the fact that fewer people are buying point and shoot digital cameras, since many people simply choose to take pictures with their smartphones instead.

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Nikon D7000 Camera Review

August 15th, 2012

nikon-d7000-camera.jpgThe Nikon D7000 was first announced in September of 2010 as an anticipated successor to the D90. This model of the Nikon began shipping in October of 2010. Since its departure from Nikon to the consumer, it has since been earning respect for being very close in specifications to its semi-pro relative, the D3005.

In comparison to the D90, both cameras are very similar. The first difference that one notices from the D90 to the D7000 is the feel of the camera. The D7000 has a much heftier feel to the hand thanks to its shell that is made from a magnesium alloy. This gives it that more substantial feel of professional cameras. Nikon has also added a thicker rubber to the grip area that makes for easier operation. This thicker coating is also found on the back of the camera, a new addition that gives it better holding power.

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Google Sniper 2 Review

March 26th, 2011

google-sniper-product-review.jpgGeorge Brown is a well-known Internet guru living in the United Kingdom. He tried different ways to make money online, and in the process he invented a system that produced over $100,000 profit for him in a short time span as documented by his published ClickBank reports. According to his sales pages, he then put the most important parts of what he learned into a course called Google Sniper.

Google Sniper was a simple system that taught beginner webmasters how to drive free, targeted traffic to affiliate offers by gaining a first-page ranking in the Google search engine results. Hundreds of people have testified the course was well worth the small amount charged for it.

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Dance Central for XBox 360 Kinect : A Review

March 14th, 2011

dance-central-kinect.jpgFinally, a dance game that actually requires dancing. This is great news for players who would like to gain a little swag…in the privacy of their homes. This game isn’t about waving a stick around in vague correlation with an on-screen avatar. It isn’t about stepping on color-coded squares at the right time, and it isn’t about jazzercising onto a balance board. Dance Central, released in October for the Xbox 360’s Kinect, is about doing legitimate dance moves using your full body, and doing them correctly – right down to the angles of your elbows.

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Portable Purse Organizers for Your Pocketbook

March 6th, 2011

purse-organizer.jpgDoes your purse look like the inside of your kitchen junk drawer? Do you pull out scraps of torn, illegible paper you can no longer read? Has your lipstick melted all over the beautiful lining of your expensive designer handbag? If this sounds like you, a purse organizer might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

These organizers are the perfect solution for anyone who suffers from cluttered purse syndrome. First and foremost, they will help keep you organized. These fold-up little gems offer ladies a generous amount of storage and the unique ability to move them from one purse to another with ease. In addition, they come in exciting colors and prints and are relatively inexpensive to buy.

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Folder Inserters for Home or Office

February 23rd, 2011

low-volume-folder-inserter.jpgAnyone who has ever had to do a mail out of any significant size has felt the pain of not having a folder inserter. While not quite as torturous as licking envelopes, the lack of a folder inserter can mean the difference between having fingernails and cuticles or having to get a manicure shortly thereafter.

Folder inserters, also known as envelope stuffers, are programmable pieces of equipment that can take literally thousands of sheets of flat paper and fold them into a variety of different shapes. This fabulous piece of equipment can save huge amounts of time and it can even place the folded paper in the empty envelope depending on the style.

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Choosing a Table Saw

February 18th, 2011

table-saw-cutting-buying.jpgA table saw is an important tool to have in any woodshop. Choosing the right one to fit all of your woodworking needs ensures that you will not need to make more than one purchase. Think about all of the projects you will be doing and choose the table saw that will be able to accomplish the most difficult project. In order to choose the right one, steps must be taken to determine what you are looking for in your table saw.

Set your price limit at how much you can afford. Be prepared to be flexible if necessary. The price of a table saw often reflects the quality of the product. You do not want to buy a cheap one just because of the price. However, some projects may easily be completed with a cheaper table saw.

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Wholesale Tissue Paper for Gift Wrapping

February 8th, 2011

wholesale-tissue-paper.jpgIf you like preparing and wrapping gifts, wholesale tissue paper can offer some interesting possibilities. Gift wrapping is almost an art form, maybe not as delicate as performing origami, but it still shows one’s craftsmanship and creativity. When somebody receives a gift that looks like it was wrapped by a professional, this can make the gift seem that much more special. To think that somebody spent the extra time and money to prepare such a beautiful gift can induce the soft-hearted to weep with joy. But nowadays, with the economy the way it is, who has the extra cash to spend on something that’s going to be destroyed and probably thrown away, especially on a gift? If you are like me, you don’t. That’s why you need to know about wholesale tissue paper.

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Metallic Paper for Personal and Professional Presentations

February 4th, 2011

metallic-paper-rolls.jpgIn the world of print, there are many materials available that could build a professional looking presentation. Individuals and even smaller businesses are not always able to pay the prices to invest in professional services for designing marketing materials or printed materials for events. Most often, one is pushed to find a means to get these same professional results with a lower budget.

The use of metallic paper is one such method that can accent your presentation to make it look more professional. Often, metallic paper can be used to provide that professional foil look that is otherwise obtained by using a printer. This is useful for everything from business cards to wedding or graduation invitations. The sheen that is added from this simple accent provides an elegance that looks very high-budget without the cost.

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Save Time and Money with a Paper Folding Machine

January 29th, 2011

paper-folding-machine.jpgAnybody who needs to mail out anything on a regular basis needs a paper folding machine or some kind of paper folding equipment. This includes financial institutions, banks, brokers, real estate agents, tax preparers, accountants, insurance companies, print shops, and investment firms. It’s for anyone who needs to mail out invoices, statements, service and product brochures, correspondences or pamphlets. Some of these machines and can fold and stuff envelopes at a rate of 1000 sheets per hour, including stuffing along coupons and return envelopes. This can save you and your company a lot of time and money. Few people really have the time to stuff hundreds or thousands of valuable and important documents into envelopes. This can quickly become a time consuming chore and is also tiresome if there are over a hundred to do.

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The Beginning of the End for Alps Printer Cartridges

January 23rd, 2011

alps-printer-ink-cartridges.jpgAlps Electronics has been providing sound and reliable information technology to homes and offices for years, and to many users it was a name synonymous with quality and assuredness. It came as a big surprise to many in 2003 when it started to become increasingly difficult to source and purchase Alps products, specifically printer cartridges. When the company responsible for distribution of the largest volumes of Alps products in the United States, Daisytek Inc., went into administration, many of the household name office suppliers such as Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max were unable to meet the demands of customers.

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