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Madagascan Handbags: Sustainable Livelihood

January 17th, 2011

madagascar-handbag-purses.jpgMadagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Its main island is the fourth largest in the world and shelters 5 percent of the world’s plant and animal species. Eighty percent of these species live only in Madagascar. Economically speaking, the country is the world’s largest producer and exporter of vanilla, as well as various agricultural products including coffee, sugarcane, cocoa, and rice.

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Purple Throw Rug: What to Consider

January 13th, 2011

purple-rug.jpgPurple is the traditional color of royalty, which makes the choice of a purple throw rug a grand idea for some people. However, if you are thinking about buying one of these, there are a few things that you will want to consider before embarking on your next shopping excursion.

The first thing to consider is the main color for the room that will contain your new throw rug. With purple being a color that is very rich and elegant, the base colors of the room will need to match up with this. For most homes this could be a slight challenge unless you already have furniture that will match or if you are a fan of certain sports teams (the Minnesota Vikings come to mind). So take the time to make sure your overall room colors match because this could be the difference between your new purple throw rug being a smash or a dash.

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10 Fuel Efficient Cars for Less Than $25,000

January 12th, 2011

smart-fortwo.jpgWith gasoline above $3.00 per gallon in most areas, the cost of driving a car is once again on the rise. Fuel economy, always an important consideration when buying a new car, deserves strong consideration for prospective buyers. The challenge for car buyers is to find high-efficiency cars that also deliver excellent quality and styling.

The great news for buyers is that there are many gas-sipping options priced under $25,000. Even more exciting, some hybrid models are starting to crack the $25,000 cost ceiling, making newer technology vehicles affordable.

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Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucets

January 11th, 2011

kitchen-faucet-brushed-nickel.jpgIf you’re having a new kitchen fitted at the moment or thinking about doing it, your journey will have, or will soon, encountered the crossroad of tap and faucet options. Whilst you will no doubt be looking for a design that is not garish but carries a stylish and modern feel, the materials used may not have been on the list of things to look into. They should be. The different finishes available cover anything from brushed chrome and nickel to powder-coated enamel and gold plating.

Good for function, good for design

Generally both brass and chrome finished faucets have a layer of brushed nickel underneath which acts as a mechanism to protect against tarnishing and corrosion. Of all the options available, brushed nickel kitchen faucets are favored for their durability and flexibility in design conformity to any style of kitchen. Enamel finishes can even be added to certain parts like the tap handles to put a different slant on the overall appearance.

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Solar Heat Pumps

January 9th, 2011

solar-heat-pump-lennox.jpgWith the rising cost of heating bills solar heat pumps may be the way to go to help stretch that all-important dollar. However, before buying a system one should first do some research and learn exactly what they are buying.

A solar heat pump will waste minimal energy while heating or cooling a home. It is a great alternative to air conditioning and furnaces for most homes. Instead of using a lot of power to generate heat, this type of system simply relocates it. During the summer, heat is moved out of an area to cool it, and a heat transfer in the opposite direction is performed during winter to warm an area up.

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Waterproof Digital Camera Reviews

January 7th, 2011

digital-camera-underwater.jpgTop photography magazines and camera equipment retailers are very efficient in supplying regular reviews of new products to hit the market and equally put in the odd review which just takes an overview of the most popular products at the moment (whether new or not). For the majority of us who know very little about technical terms and functions of a digital camera this is invaluable information. The Internet has equally made this information even more up to date and accessible.

Dealing with Photographic Jargon

But this is not always the utopia of consumer information that we would like it to be. In reading down a standard format review which will break down certain elements and mark them out of a possible ten points, we’re introduced to the model’s ease of use, features, colors, and other attributes. So far no problem, but then as we get into macros, VFM, and build, I for one am getting more confused than I was at the beginning.

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Orange Rug Reviews

January 5th, 2011

orange-rug.jpgToday I was faced with another one of those humdrum, mediocre articles, this time on the topic of orange rugs. It is from one of Blizzerand’s earlier batches; fortunately, articles from this particular source have noticeably improved since this one was written. As it stands, it reads like one of those quasi-generic pieces where one could simply substitute a different color of rug or even a different object that might be placed in a room (like a piece of furniture for example) and still use essentially the same text. I was hoping that the author would include some information that might be a little more useful to readers, such as where to buy orange rugs or perhaps an overview of the different types or styles of orange rugs, but I guess this is one of those ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of moments. The original (unedited) text has been placed below the horizontal blue line.

Meanwhile, to satisfy curiosity about the topic I did a few searches just to see if orange rugs were available online. It turns out that they are not very difficult to find; a quick Amazon search returned over 5,000 results. From scanning the first couple of pages, it looks like there is a pretty wide price range depending on size. Most of the relatively large 5 by 8 foot or similar sizes are costing between $200 and $350, but you can find somewhat smaller orange bathroom or kitchen rugs for much less, usually around the $30 mark. I also noticed one rug that was a little different from the rest — a round rug in the style of a basketball (orange with black stripes) that is 39 inches in diameter and sells for between $36 and $40, depending on the particular seller you order from through Amazon. This might be a good choice if you’re buying for someone who likes basketball or has a room with a sports theme.

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A Look at the Various iPad Skins and Cases

January 2nd, 2011

ipad-skins-cases.jpgFor most people, buying an Apple iPad is a little like investing in a secret dream. They are seduced by its sharp, stylish, and feature-filled design. Some thank the Apple gods for delivering the perfect multi-functional tablet PC that is elegantly suitable for their purposes, while others look dreamily upon the sleek exterior and flawless display knowing that their hearts are lost and no amount of sensible persuasion will dissuade them from acquiring their very own iPad. Now, once they finally own an iPad, the owners realise the depths of their attachment to the shiny new tablets and they become conscious of an almost paranoid protective urge.

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Espresso Table Considerations

January 1st, 2011

espresso-table-example.jpgIf you do not think there are any nominal differences in the various pieces of living room furniture used as a foot rests, junk storage units, or anything other than keeping coffee on, this article may not be able to enlighten you further. However, for general reading purposes, whether used for any of the above, regardless of the size or strength of coffee, we shall refer to them as espresso tables.

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Shopping for Silver Printer Ink and Cartridges

December 30th, 2010

silver-printer-ink-cartridge.jpgSo you have just managed to agree on a finalized list, perhaps with the intention of sneaking the name of an undesirable guest off the roster when he’s not looking. You’ve decided not to hand write the invites (looks too cheap), but at the same time you don’t want to pay some rip-off merchant to make them for you. This journey of options has brought you to the middle ground of well produced invites which will have their names printed on, not with the usual smudging black stuff or tacky gold, but with a crisp silver to blend with the card design.

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Instant Kona Coffee

December 28th, 2010

kona-coffee-instant.jpgSince Samuel Reverend Ruggles brought Brazilian coffee plants over to Hawaii in 1828, the region of Kona has been producing coffee that is renowned for its rich flavor, distinct aromas and now more than ever, its steep price tag. The unique weather patterns that are found in the region have been and remain perfect for the plants, bright sunny mornings followed by cloudy skies and rain after noon with little wind and mild nights. Because of the distinct flavors and the popularity which followed the brand name as much as the product, it has never been a cheap option.

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