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Search Query Sunday, 53rd Edition

February 22nd, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-53.jpgThis week I finally registered with the Commission Junction network, giving me access to many more merchants and products to use for affiliate promotions. There are literally hundreds of different advertisers residing under the CJ umbrella; attempting to provide a full description and analysis of them all is simply not feasible due to “information overload”. Each advertiser must be applied to separately before we are allowed to promote or post affiliate links, so I went down the list and applied to several of them that looked like they might fit with this site’s current mix of topics.

So far I have received 80 approvals, including several in the “credit cards” and “personal loans” categories, which should provide some interesting monetization options for my finance-related articles. Meanwhile, search traffic remains strong, with over 5,200 visitors for last week coming in on 2,963 separate keywords. Here is a sample of the queries that can be feasibly answered:

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The Dual Purpose of SEO Article Writing Services

February 16th, 2009

article-writing-seo-services.jpgThis is Eru Chawla’s piece on one of her favorite topics, article writing for Internet marketers and SEO enthusiasts. For both webmasters and writers, this has become a very active market over the past few years as each party hopes to profit from informative content that can generate revenue when it is published on websites that can attract significant amounts of traffic.

Disseminating information about your niche keywords through articles that are further posted to the online article directories is an effective Internet marketing technique that has been known to SEO professionals for a long time. An inbound link to your website is mentioned in the author’s bio given at the end of all these articles. This is the most basic procedure of article marketing campaigns over the Internet. Hence, in a way article marketing is a part of link popularity SEO technique.

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Search Query Sunday, 52nd Edition

February 15th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-52.jpgSearch traffic is still holding up nicely, with the overall number of site visitors now averaging 800-900 per day. Notable traffic bursts include another batch of approximately 300 hits from StumbleUpon to my redundant words and phrases page and a surprising 42 visits from the DigitalPoint forums.

My theory on the DigitalPoint traffic is that it’s coming from other posters who have a link to one or more pages of this site in their signature links. Earlier this week, one of the authors whose articles I have published here recently added one of my pages to her signature link as a way of demonstrating writing samples to prospective buyers on the forums. This is one benefit of article outsourcing I had never thought about before — free backlinks and traffic from forums without actually having to be an active participant!

Now let’s see what kind of keywords we can dig up from this week’s search data.

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Search Query Sunday, 51st Edition

February 8th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-51.jpgOur traffic is humming along nicely into February, with just over 5,000 search visits coming in for the week. Meanwhile, AdSense revenues have improved slightly and are on track to exceed the $100 minimum payout threshold for the month. If this trend holds up, it will mark the first time that I will be able to receive AdSense checks for two consecutive months without having to wait for the earnings to roll over.

The traffic stats on my new Lemon-Info.com site are starting to show some noticeable improvement. We’re actually starting to pick up a fair amount of search engine visitors even though the site has only been active for about two weeks. We seem to have a relatively high proportion of keywords that are asking questions, many of which I don’t really know the answers to at this point. If I can collect enough questions and find out the answers, I might include some of them in future “Search Query Sunday” posts for informational purposes.

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Search Query Sunday, 50th Edition

February 1st, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-50.jpgAlthough affiliate earnings for the month are still relatively low, traffic continued to soar to record levels during the last week in January, climbing to over 5,000 search engine visits for the first time in the site’s history. Other notable records include two consecutive days with over 1,000 unique visitors overall and a new maximum daily total of 902 search traffic visits recorded last Tuesday.

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Search Query Sunday, 49th Edition

January 25th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-49.jpgSearch engine traffic continues to roll merrily along, including a record 30 visits on the keyword ‘karlonia’. This number surprised me somewhat because I haven’t been very active in the forums this past week, which is where the previously high numbers of searches seemed to be coming from. After looking at the other data, I also noticed that only one of the 30 visits was classified as a new visitor. This is unusual for Karlonia.com, where historically around 95% of the people who come in from search engines are “absolute uniques” who have never visited the site before.

Apparently we have a significant group of people who are beginning to visit this site on a regular basis and even seem to be (gasp!) reading the articles according to the “pages per visit” and “time on site” stats, but are still going through the search engines to find the site. Therefore, this is a good time to inform you that there are two other ways to return to this site which would almost certainly be faster for you. The first method is to simply bookmark the site in your browser, where you can return in a single click as long as you remember where you bookmarked it. The other is to subscribe to the RSS feed, where you can access the latest content in your favorite feed reader, by email, or even in your bookmarks, depending on which option you choose. You can subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on either of the two orange chicklets on the sidebar to the right.

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Search Query Sunday, 48th Edition

January 18th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-48.jpgSearch engine traffic set some new records this week, with over 4,600 visitors overall and a new one-day high of 764 searches being recorded on Wednesday. Unfortunately, most of the traffic is still going to the “wrong” pages; that is, the ones that have been the most difficult for me to monetize effectively. To make matters worse, Amazon sales have plummeted even though traffic through my links has actually increased slightly over the December levels. It seems that most people have been programmed to buy stuff in December but not in January.

Frustrated by the lack of reliable income (except perhaps for AdSense), I have been shopping around on the DigitalPoint forums for some other websites to buy that would not involve too much initial expenditure. After about one week of unexplained delays by the original owner in transferring the domain to me, I managed to acquire a small blog called Lemon-Info.com, a site that deals with general information about lemons. I wound up doing a fresh WordPress install on it and restored most of the original content, which included a few short articles and recipe posts. The theme is supposed to work well with AdSense, so all I need to do now is get some more articles posted and bring in some fresh backlinks. Then it will just be a matter of “wash, rinse, repeat” with other niche sites and potentially lucrative keywords.

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Search Query Sunday, 47th Edition

January 11th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-47.jpgSearch traffic bounced back up to pre-holiday levels this week and even managed to set a new site record for the most search visits in a single day (713). More interestingly, we had a surprising 23 searches on the single keyword “karlonia”, which is much higher than normal. I usually only receive one or two visits per week on this search term. The most likely theory for the sudden increase is that it’s coming from my participation on the DigitalPoint forums, where “Karlonia” is my username. This is good because it means that I’m finally starting to get my brand name recognized to the point where people are actually using the search engines to find out more information on it, which of course is leading them to this site because I am almost always ranked #1 for that particular term.

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Search Query Sunday, 46th Edition

January 4th, 2009

search-traffic-statistics-46.jpgAlthough search traffic has been relatively slow because of the holiday season, this week has been a busy one for me as I have been participating in the marketplace of the DigitalPoint Forums. I have made several trades there, purchasing a variety of services including content creation, blog commenting (for backlinks, not comments at this blog), and directory submissions. Last night I even managed to acquire another site for $5 in a BIN (buy it now) auction. Although it is small and currently has little traffic, this will give me some experience with developing other sites, establishing hosting at HostGator where I can operate multiple websites for the same price under one account, and setting up a separate income stream that is unrelated to my activities here at Karlonia.

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Search Query Sunday, 45th Edition

December 28th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-45.jpgAlthough search traffic dropped off somewhat due to the holiday season, another Stumble spike occurred early in the week as my page on redundant words and phrases picked up several more votes, bringing the totals up to 20 votes overall and 992 unique visits to the page. However, the big story of the week is happening at my Amazon associate account, where my buy Amazon gift card page has been more successful than I had expected. As of yesterday, I had sold 10 of the gift cards for an approximate total amount of $450 in revenue and $27 in commissions. While this may not seem like much in itself, these clickthroughs from targeted buyers also generated several back-end sales, including a $550 camcorder and a $950 digital camera. In total, I have managed to rack up over $97 in commissions over the past two weeks from only 52 clicks through to Amazon’s site. This figure is on a pace to surpass my AdSense earnings for the month, and may exceed the Clickbank revenue as well, depending on how well my Xbox page has performed.

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Search Query Sunday, 44th Edition

December 21st, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-44.jpgSearch engine traffic is still rolling merrily along, although the big story of the week was a new infusion of approximately 500 hits from StumbleUpon on my redundant words and phrases page. After checking the page, I noticed that it has accumulated 11 votes and 2 positive reviews so far.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to increase rankings on my buy wii video games and repair vista registry pages so that I can finally bring in some significant sales volume, but I’m still having problems with Akismet’s spam filters. Apparently my domain is being blocked at the server level when trying to comment on most WordPress blogs. Yesterday I actually contacted another blogger after seeing yet another “white screen of death” and inquired as to where my comment may have been deposited. The other blog owner reported that the comment was nowhere to be found, not even in the spam folder or the moderation queue, and could only suggest “maybe the server ate it.”

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